RegionTribe Steppes
GovernmentHuor Felagund
Ownerindependent city-state
Wood Elf80%
DeitiesMammon, Silvanus
Founded16 Brightstar 1104

In 1102, twelve families were exiled from Angrod. They were charged with hampering the "natural" spread of Taurquion. In their defense, the Exiled Twelve claimed that Taurquion was growing by influence of the High Pyrmaid of Power and that it was unnatural and an affront to the natural way of life.

The twelve families migrated east into the Tribe Steppes and established their own loose federation called Huor Felagund. The leaders of this federation oversee the affairs of Lúinwë and its territory. Lúinwë is ruled by the twelve oldest and wisest wood elves. These venerable leaders are called the Twelve Immortals of Huor Felagund. Each of these leaders is a descendant of one of the original families that left the High Wood Country so long ago.

The Lúinwë claim large tracts of Arinthil as territory. This claim is contested by the Orchish Empire and ignored by the jara. The size of Lúinwë compared to such behemoths like the Orchish Empire is not to be underestimated. They have on numerous occasions defeated armies and raiders much larger than themselves. The elves have commanded three primordial colossus and nearly 200 ghost legionnaires in the larger battles with the Githirmil. To deal with the larger enemies around them, the Lúinwë have a mutual protection pact with the Ink-Shad.

Lúinwë is sited in a verdant valley called Arelissë. The stone and tree dwellings of this city are spread across the hills and valley. Lúinwë is difficult to reach because Arelissë is choked with vines, brambles, and rugged terrain. These natural defenses, along with the ease with which the elves move through the trees, has kept the jara hordes from overrunning this city. Trade goods of the city come from elven-made furniture and raw materials mined from the Pirrons and the hills northeast of Nírië. These goods are shipped by way of the Famirótan to eastern markets.

Besides wood elves, the city is home to other races. The most unexpected are the Githirmil. These are former citizens of the Orchish Empire, welcomed by their foes for their skills and knowledge of Lúinwë's long-time foe.

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