PivixVla'akith CLVII

CategoryHigher Powers
AliasesVla'akith CLVII, Pivix Cari'lith
LocationAstral Sea
Alignmentlawful evil
Godhood29 Hollow 1510

Pivix Cari'lith is the god for many githyanki. Her rise to power was dirty, murdering her predecessor Vla'akith CLV during the chaos of the Har'kish Civil War (1292 - 1312). It was a total surprise, with the reigning empress never expecting her best guard to turn on her. Pivix utterly destroyed her foe, devouring the lich empress's essence with the blade Sarquiness. The energy of her foe was then used to empower Pivix Cari'lith with all of what Vla'akith CLVI had. Sarquiness, a highly sentient and wicked blade, was not pleased with the soul being taken from it without any negotiation, so it teleported away. Pivix has never seen it again - yet still desires to wield it once again. On 6 War March 1301, with the death of her former master, Pivik became Vla'akith CLVII of the Har'kish Empire.

On 29 Hollow 1510, Pivix left her mortal affairs behind, becoming a Higher Power. Today, she is the patron deity for many of the realm's githyanki.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Har'kishBrotherhood of Gith
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