Alluvium DeepFjorm Garn

Alluvium Deep
AliasFjorm Garn
OwnerAlluvium Wardens
Founded4 Brightstar 304 LE

In 304 LE, Fjorm Garn was founded by settlers out of Eydreid.

After the Stone Curse (1011 LE), too big for a dwindling population, Fjorm Garn became a ruin.

In 1099, rebuilding began on parts of this once sprawling city. Workers of the Kal-Oni Empire (1016 - 1266) called it Alluvium Deep, a holding place for tons of silver ore coming out of nearby mines. A keep with well-constructed vaults and laden with traps rose from the mining efforts. When these mines were expended, the place became a prison for the empire's more dangerous prisoners.

After the fall of Kal-Oni, Alluvium Deep became the property of the Alluvium Wardens. They held the place for two decades, losing it in 1286 to a mercenary force backed by the HannanĂ¢tha; a powerful Bathor family wanting the release one of family members.

In 1293, Alluvium Deep was struck by an unnatural earthquake which broke open many cells. Behind this magical attack were the Alluvium Wardens. They attacked the place from underneath with the aid of 500 deep gnome mercenaries from Bolip-Stalacite. House HannanĂ¢tha, losing money on the prison, made no effort to retake.

The Alluvium Wardens own and operate Alluvium Deep. Many criminals of Bathor, Council of Bile, and Paradomea are sent to this place to work off their sentence. Able to earn money fighting in the Alluvium Deep's notorious gladiator pits, many die here.

In 1454, the heroes of Black Banner broke into the prison's lower cell blocks. They freed prisoners and made off with relics of the place's original builders. One of the freed prisoners was a Tragaran named Garn.

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