Elder Orb
WorldBal-Kriav, Opulent Eye
RegionMagrâbik, High Wood Country
CapitalCytus Pupil
Hill Giant10%
EnemiesDeep Six, Giff League, Tamlêrran
Established26 Lunar 840 HE

Abhômaipeth is a beholder empire founded in the first half of the Horgon Era. It is a product of a Zenduram wizard-governor that sought an edge against a rival. Gizrê, the instigator of the conflict, built up an army of beholders, giants, and other humanoids. When their leader was killed, the army broke apart. The beholders went far into Inzilthôr where they rallied under the banner of a beholder named Abhômaipeth. This elder tyrant was the former right hand of the Tamlêrran wizard Gizrê. Abhômaipeth was very similar to his former master, driven to build a lasting empire under one ruler. He still guides the empire from deep in the bowels of the capital, his brain floating in a holding tank that once served as the abode of an elder brain.

Abhômaipeth has colonies spread across and beneath Bal-Kriav and on the moon Opulent Eye. Their capital city Cytus Pupil is located in the region Magrâbik.

Nearly 20% of Abhômaipeth's population are slaves, the rest that are non-beholders, serve beholder masters.

In Abhômaipeth, there is no freedom or independence for non-beholders. They are nothing more than chattel to a beholder master.

- unknown

In 1400, Abhômaipeth's army captured a frontier city of the Tamlêrran. The spoils of this victory were several large voidships. These vessels set Abhômaipeth on the path of interplanetary travel. These flying vessels also greatly enhanced their ability to carry out raids against enemies lacking such wondrous ships.

In 1470, Abhômaipeth began eradicating the alien infestation on the moon Opulent Eye. This "alien infestation" are holdings of the Tamlêrran and the Giff League. This beholder threat moves the empires Deep Six, Giff League, and Tamlêrran to forge the Void Alliance. The Void Alliance is defeated at the Battle of 45:12:6 leaving Abhômaipeth in control of the skies over Opulent Eye.

In 1472, Abhômaipeth captured the city Serenor.

In 1512, Abhômaipeth established outposts in Brucrumus's wasteland Glirolos.

The military of this empire has made great advances in void technology, largely a result of brazen raids on enemy ship yards. Their largest class of voidships are the Abhômaipeth Motherships.

Civilization Tree
Cytus Pupil