Elderaunt Gladiator
OwnerIvory Asylum
Built29 Temporal 1292

Centrifuge Coliseum was completed in the Year 1292. This colossal stadium is located in the city Orra. Centrifuge Coliseum can house 120,000 creatures of all sizes. It was built with the aid of stone giants from Tezi Rîna and dwarven craftsmen from Hjalmarbrodd.

During major events like the Champion of the Pits, some levels of the structure rotate. This engineering feat makes the Centrifuge Coliseum a marvel. The massive adamantine gears that move the seating levels were once moved by huge earth elementals . In later years, civil rights groups forced the replacement of elemental labor with steam engines.

The only coliseum larger than the Centrifuge Coliseum is the Battle Arena of Bile.