Gilraen-Khazarkar War

Theater of Operations

Khazarkar Empire VS Gilraen Oligarchy

The shortest war of the Khazarkar Empire, its purpose was to make the Gilraen Oligarchy a vassal state. Gilraen's position, notably with their capital city Erchinor, was a security problem against the growing activity on the Core Sea. This was mostly from the south, with the Orchish Empire probing north in their own expansion drive.

Several things came out of this war beyond Gilraen vassalage. The first was the Monotheism Proclaimation, which forbade the worship of any but Set. This led the flight of several thousand Kriavfahliil to the rugged vale of what they called Teretellin. They became the genesis of the Salbâth Insurgency which rages to this day. The other changes were place names, one being Teretellin renamed on Khazarkar maps as the valley Salbâth; in a remarkable act of goodwill, the city of Erchinor was allowed to keep its name.

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