Lith-Crillion Era

Period0 LE - 3000 LE

The Lith-Crillion Era spans the period 0 LE to 3000 LE. This period of history is noted for the influence of the Lith-Crillion on the realm.

Year 1 LE - Lith-Crillion Arrival

Lith-Crillion hailing from the world Uth Alok come to Bal-Kriav aboard the voidship Âni-Zandân. They land on the island Arcana and establish the settlement Urkalzîr.

Year 2 LE - Yennog

Yennog is built by the gnolls.

Year 3 LE - Belfdagny

Belfdagny is founded by former soldiers of the Hegmir Illof.

Year 5 LE - Imgongruk

Imgongruk is founded by the Dezellâm.

Year 9 LE - Svokai

The settlement Svokai is founded by the Gimrune.

Year 12 LE - Aphalur

Dwarf prospectors of the Akthol clan discover Aphalur.

Year 75 LE - Einglach

A group of fey form the group Einglach.

Year 89 LE - Grongak

The Tharag clan establishes the settlement Grongak.

Year 92 LE - Haag-Bre

Goblin laborers out of Nemebhox build the fort Haag-Bre.

Year 101 LE - Kolprunn

The Kolprunn settlement is founded by the fire giants.

Year 115 HE - Gaard Goraag

The settlement Gaard Goraag is founded by the Strunmah Dein.

Year 119 LE - Arastel

Arastel becomes a demigod.

Year 128 LE - Tyn'calli

Tyn'calli is founded by the Auhtai.

Year 155 LE - Crillius-Sarrus

The Lith-Crillion build the settlement Crillius-Sarrus.

Year 175 LE - Aggda

The fortress of Aggda is built by the Lith-Crillion.

Year 177 LE - Balormene

To prevent the escape of the stone colossus Ingugrek, Lith-Crillion arcanists create the dead magic zone Balormene.

Year 183 LE - Zôd'vîrmâb

The Lith-Crillion build a research lab on Urutth'lê and name it Zôd'vîrmâb.

Year 190 LE - Gallo-Bagd

The Dezellâm, sand giants of the Sands of Hell, build the settlement Gallo-Bagd for the Lith-Crillion.

Year 208 LE - Sands Pyramid of Power

The Dezellâm, under guidance of Sâlo Tânê 7, build the first Pyramid of Power for their Lith-Crillion "gods". This Sands Pyramid of Power is built southwest of Gallo-Bagd.

Year 212 LE - Ulgošân

The fortress of Ulgošân is built by the Lith-Crillion.

Year 221 LE - Thyrm Ascends

Thyrm becomes a demigod.

Year 235 LE - Seirsteutu

The Auhtai build the settlement Seirsteutu.

Year 237 LE - Hells Pyramid of Power

The Dezellâm build the second Pyramid of Power for their Lith-Crillion "gods". This Hells Pyramid of Power is built near the southeastern coasts of Hells Womb.

Year 255 LE - Maenedhel Shattering

Danzar-Khâl punishes Set for the theft of Danzar-Khâls Surveyor, resulting in the Maenedhel Shattering.

Year 257 LE - Gwaelergoth Circle

The Gwaelergoth Circle is established as a defensive force to combat the plague of insects coming out of the Hive.

Year 292 LE - Set Ascends

Set becomes a cult power.

Year 301 LE - Rise of Gob'biyet

Maglubiyet establishes the Gob'biyet Empire.

Year 310 LE - Aphalur Expedition

Dwarven settlers from Aphalur, using the God Anvil Launch, began an expedition along the Earth Seam.

Year 311 LE - Felak

The settlement Felak is founded by dwarven settlers of the Akthol and Tharag clans.

The first crystalline troll is created at Imgongruk.

Year 331 LE - Aphenôrî

The settlement Aphenôrî (c.f. Incubus) is founded by the Lith-Crillion.

Year 333 LE - Dilkuglapgon

Âkhi colonists establish the settlement Dilkuglapgon.

Year 341 LE - Caradruk

Triton city-states of Nielalroch establish the empire Caradruk.

Year 348 LE - Maziggandîm Conflict

The Mîmêk go to war with the Lith-Crillion, starting the Maziggandîm Conflict.

Year 355 LE - Fall of Tarband-Khâl

The Lith-Crillion capture Tarband-Khâl. The last of the Mîmêk flee into depths of Zurukthûr ending the Maziggandîm Conflict. Late in the same year these refugees founded the settlement Dushinbal.

Year 375 LE - Boarding the Halatrax

Rarnskeggi and his eldritch giant crew board the primordial death ship Halatrax.

Year 377 LE - Khaa'khas

Eldritch giant practitioners of necromancy and shadow magic establish the order Khaa'khas.

Year 379 LE - Felth

The settlement Felth is founded by the Lith-Crillion.

The Dezellâm build the third Pyramid of Power for their Lith-Crillion "gods". This High Pyramid of Power is built deep in the Taurquion forest.

Year 380 LE - Urbal Nabad

The stronghold Urbal Nabad is built by dwarven prospectors out of Felak.

Year 402 LE - Death of Ingu'lumin

The disembodied thinker Ingu'lumin dies from wounds suffered five centuries earlier from a dispute with his master Yeenoghu.

Year 403 LE - Halavile

A great rift opens up where Halavile Freydis shatters his necrotic staff of the dead. This rift is named after him, some say to sate his spirit's ego, others as a warning of what can become of one who delves too deep into the teachings of Maen Saetild.

Year 405 LE - Ilagandam

The settlement Ilagandam is founded by Urbal Nabad colonizers.

Year 408 LE - Jungle Pyramid of Power

The Dezellâm build the fourth Pyramid of Power for their Lith-Crillion "gods". This Jungle Pyramid of Power is built in what was once a deep verdant valley called Malephar.

Year 411 LE - Feydark Fissure

Several hundred drow settlers use one a feydark fissure to cross over from the world Kriav to Bal-Kriav and re-occupy the ruin Tyelmantar.

Year 415 LE - Akthol-Tharag

The dwarven city-states of Aphalur and Grongak unite under one empire called Akthol-Tharag.

Year 445 LE - Steirek

The storm giants of Jakorek build the settlement Steirek.

Year 446 LE - Tilnangau

The Tragarans of eastern Ma'Ohari establish the empire Tilnangau.

Year 455 LE - Mazal-Maram

Mazal-Maram is founded by mining companies out of Ilagandam.

Year 481 LE - Tholig-Mizin

Tholig-Mizin is founded by Mazal-Maram.

Year 524 LE - Frosvirk

The settlement Frosvirk is founded by the Thraedli.

Year 540 LE - Ivory Pyramid of Power

The Dezellâm build the fifth Pyramid of Power for their Lith-Crillion "gods". This Ivory Pyramid of Power is used by the Lith-Crillion to research various anti-plant and fey applications.

Year 555 LE - Tholig-Mizin

Tholig-Mizin establishes its own government, carving itself out of the territory and control of Ilagandam.

Year 572 LE - Yarrokhal

The settlement Yarrokhal is founded by the Tilnangau.

Year 586 LE - Swamp Pyramid of Power

The Dezellâm build the sixth Pyramid of Power for their Lith-Crillion "gods". This Swamp Pyramid of Power is used by the Lith-Crillion to research marine life and wetland lifeforms.

Year 600 LE - Red Awakening

Felak miners wake the Reds of Kilth.

Year 613 LE - Jhaldrym

The settlement Jhaldrym is founded by drow colonists out of Tyelmantar.

Year 614 LE - Kilth Deeps War

The dwarven city-states of Kilth and the Reds of Kilth start the Kilth Deeps War.

Year 618 LE - Radiant Cross

The holy order Radiant Cross is established.

Year 620 LE - Leza-Sîk Rebuilding

The Radiant Cross takes possession of the ancient fortress Leza-Sîk.

Year 632 LE - Hobgoblins

Using ancient relics of the Dawn Era, Gob'biyet scientist create the Hobgoblin race.

Year 645 LE - Kaglatôr

A group of Lith-Crillion interested in advancing their understanding of psionics establish the guild Kaglatôr.

Year 655 LE - Baalzebul Ascends

Baalzebul becomes a cult power.

Year 666 LE - Demogorgon Ascends

Demogorgon becomes a cult power.

The settlement Orias Vual is founded by the Vauquix, the lost demon regiment of the Demon Spawn War.

Year 681 LE - Amirlof

The settlement Amirlof is founded by the eldritch giants.

Year 684 LE - Rise of Varelay

The demon Aperoq establishes the empire Varelay.

Year 690 LE - Drachlaz

The stronghold of Drachlaz is built by the Varelay.

Year 714 LE - Hel

The settlement Hel is founded by goliath retreating from the advance of Ice Cap.

Year 621 LE - Maglubiyet Ascent

Maglubiyet becomes a cult power.

Year 729 LE - Tubedellâm

The Lith-Crillion construct the psionic research center Tubedellâm.

Year 740 LE - Estathess

Greenscales liberated from Gallo-Bagd build the settlement Estathess.

Year 742 LE - Belêth-Kazîr

Belêth-Kazîr is built by Gimir-Zarun and a group of like-minded eldritch giants.

Year 763 LE - Rise of Andigimok

The empire Andigimok is established.

Year 788 LE - Zyvie Setie

Minions of Asoun build the research center Zyvie Setie.

Year 806 LE - The Yuan-ti

Demon experiments run by Varelay lead to the creation of the yuan-ti race.

Year 888 LE - Swimming the Pearl

A mere mortal, unaided by magic, Atlas swims south across the Pearl Sea.

Year 896 LE - Discus Constructs

The Discus Constructs are built at Aggda.

Year 908 LE - Ottanghild

The settlement Ottanghild is founded by goliath settlers from Hel.

Year 912 LE - Fall of Thur Gilc

Varley captures Thur Gilc.

Year 919 LE - Atlas Ascends

Atlas becomes a cult power.

Year 931 LE - Imân-Sabâr

The Lith-Crillion construct the bastion Imân-Sabâr.

The Red Scourge war begins between Varelay and the Reds of Kilth.

Year 935 LE - Senaisan

Seirsteutu builds the research center Senaisan.

Year 944 LE - Tilnangau Vassalage

Defeated by Varelay, the empire Tilnangau becomes a vassal state.

Year 945 LE - End of the Red Scourge

The last of the Reds of Kilth are slain, ending the Red Scourge.

Year 946 LE - Andigimok Coup

A failed military coup in Andigimok leads to several hundred Mîmêk retreating into Baruk-Gind.

Year 948 LE - Galir-Khizad

Andigimok ex-pats establish the settlement Galir-Khizad.

Year 984 LE - Aperoq Princedom

Aperoq abandons his empire Varelay, departing for the Abyss where he takes on the title and might of a demon prince.

Year 1002 LE - Fall of Aphenôrî

A hill and stone giant army out of the Sournbracks sacks the Lith-Crillion city Aphenôrî.

Year 1011 LE - Stone Curse

The Dezellâm are afflicted with the Stone Curse.

Year 1115 LE - Sand Pyramid Capture

The eldritch giants of Gulfrek Hjard capture the Sands Pyramid of Power.

The settlement Ingucius is founded by Estathess settlers.

Year 1123 LE - Dark Woad

Using the tome Falling Leaves, eldritch giants of Gulfrek Hjard create the Dark Woad race.

Year 1210 LE - Baziranâth

Yuan-ti settlers out of Rat found Baziranâth.

Year 1271 LE - Entropy Fragments

Lith-Crillion commandos and a pack of weave spiders destroy the Womb of Entropy. The destruction of this place produces thousands of shards called Entropy Fragments.

Year 1299 LE - Geb Ascends

Geb becomes a cult power.

Year 1304 LE - Fall of Urla'palos

Lith-Crillion capture the aboleth city Urla'palos.

Year 1314 LE - Loothu'n

Loothu'n is founded by Yuan-ti settlers out of Baziranâth.

Year 1421 LE - Coeus Ascends

Coeus becomes a cult power.

Year 1498 LE - Miradalêth

The Lith-Crillion build the observatory of Miradalêth.

Year 1508 LE - Hazarâph

Hazarâph is founded by Yuan-ti settlers out of Loothu'n.

Year 1546 LE - Mirundân

The Lith-Crillion build the nature magic research center Mirundân.

Year 1590 LE - Capture of Miradalêth

An eldritch army out of Frosvirk captures the Lith-Crillion city Miradalêth.

Year 1592 LE - Rise of Saer Erkjorg

With the cities Frosvirk and Miradalêth under their belts, the eldritch giants establish the empire Saer Erkjorg.

Year 1611 LE - Maen Fyrk Boundary Ward

Eldritch giant arcanists raise the Maen Fyrk Boundary Ward around Frosvirk and Maen Fyrk.

Year 1614 LE - Fall of Titaram

Lith-Crillion capture the aboleth city Titaram.

Year 1642 LE - Dafrlami

The pirate base Dafrlami is founded by pirates serving Saer Erkjorg.

Year 1644 LE - Sciretius

The settlement Sciretius is founded by the githzerai of Ghífthauk.

Year 1655 LE - Abbathor Ascent

Abbathor becomes a Higher Power.

Year 1677 LE - Forgeheim Defiled

Forgeheim's priests are forsaken by Naraz-Nâru. Feeling not worthy of his great citadel Forgeheim, they abandon the place.

Year 1711 LE - Ptah Ascent

Ptah becomes a demigod.

Year 1943 LE - Flayer Wars

On Ráglauth, illithid city-states began warring with each other. These wars come to be known as the Flayer Wars.

Year 1945 LE - Suellk

The illithids of Penumbra establish the Suellk empire.

Year 1968 LE - End of the Flayer Wars

The last illithid city-state of Ráglauth falls to the Suellk, ending the Flayer Wars.

Year 2255 LE - Phaerssysn

The settlement Phaerssysn is founded by the drow.

Year 2311 LE - Garâl-Thûru

The settlement Garâl-Thûru is founded by the deep gnomes.

Year 2432 LE - Griddrir

The settlement Griddrir is founded by the storm giants.

Year 2510 LE - Nithian Awakening

The Nithians rise from their ten millennia slumber in the Vaults of Ayaraigas.

Year 2521 LE - Zenduram

Nithian arcane practitioners form the guild Zenduram.

Year 2555 LE - Akalgas Wheel

Work begins on the canals and waterwheels of the Akalgas Wheel.

Year 2608 LE - Varelay Upheaval

A period of violent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes begins in Tha'lith. This becomes known as the Varelay Upheaval.

Year 2612 LE - Toth Coeus

The worshipers of Coeus attempt to drawn their god to Bal-Kriav, so he can help them bring down Varelay. The gateway is abruptly closed when a sphere of arcane is hurled into it by Varelay soldiers. When this happened, Coeus was half-way through the rift. The explosion throws Coeus back to his home world, leaving a massive gash on the Bal-Kriav side. This deep canyon is called Toth Coeus.

Year 2615 LE - Fall of Tilnangau

The Varelay Upheaval and war with Varelay brings down Tilnangau.

Year 2620 LE - Merorarg

Merorarg is founded by Tragaran refugees of the fallen empire Tilnangau.

Year 2622 LE - Lúthil

Lúthil is founded by the kriavian elves.

Year 2631 LE - Sourm-Gar

Tragaran build the fishing settlement Sourm-Gar.

Year 2634 LE - Bigmar

The free hold Bigmar is founded.

Year 2639 LE - Fall of Yarrokhal

Varelay captures Yarrokhal.

Year 2670 LE - Melrith Ascent

Melrith becomes a cult power.

Year 2702 LE - Kebechet Ascent

Kebechet becomes a Higher Power.

Year 2711 LE - Imrik

The Nithians build the settlement Imrik.

Year 2712 LE - Zoethall

Kuo-toans establish the settlement Zoethall.

Year 2796 LE - Fall of Galir-Khizad

Galir-Khizad is captured by the gnomish forces of Garâl-Thûru.

Year 2798 LE - Vîlnên

The kingdom of Vîlnên is established by the deep gnomes of Maleddanar.

Year 2800 LE - Gatiranda

Gatiranda is built to protect the logging and mining interests of Merorarg's merchants.

Year 2822 LE - Rise of Volgad

The kingdom of Volgad is established in the northern reaches of Borngring.

Year 2856 LE - Svirrurm

The settlement Svirrurm is founded by storm giants colonists from the Clouds of the Dead God.

Year 2880 LE - Du'ul Hiim

The kobolds of Sendaar Jusk establish the settlement Du'ul Hiim.

Year 2890 LE - Khirêl Tâmândêth

The Nithians of Imrik establish a school of arcane called the Khirêl Tâmândêth.

Year 2901 LE - Geledh

The Šukhan Legion constructs the Underdark bastion Geledh.

Year 2910 LE - Capture of Du'ul Hiim

A yellow dragon named Artang-Sund captures Du'ul Hiim.

Year 2940 LE - Hjarngrod

Hjarngrod is founded by the fire giants.

Year 2944 LE - Lanirûk

Lanirûk is founded by Tragaran idealists out of Gatiranda and Merorarg.

Year 2982 LE - Piamauza Hellbound

The Piamauza are duped into journeying to the Hells.

Year 2983 LE - The Piamauza

On Nessus, Tragarans give birth to a new race called the Piamauza.

The Horgon Era
EpochEra BeginEra End
Dawn Era0 DE8777 DE
God Era8778 GE9500 GE
Lith-Crillion Era0 LE3000 LE
Horgon Era0 HE2000 HE
First Epoch0999
Second Epoch10001499
Third Epoch15002000