Holy Sanctum

Galtrag battles Apocaleen
RegionLands of Purity
Built7 War March 1311

Holy Sanctum was built by the Farinteen Empire. It was built as a bulwark against the incessant raids from the Northern Hordelands. Over time, the place came to be a tournament area and dueling ground for the might of knights and heroes. Many young knights and aspiring heroes came to this area to hone their skills fighting the barbarians of the northern reaches. Because of the rich history and renown of the place, it became the headquarters for a holy order of knights called the Lances of Merioss. Holy Sanctum was then an imposing and towering fortress made entirely of Gûn Helmet.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), many great battle were fought in the hills and plains around the Holy Sanctum. The greatest battle was in the Siege of Holy Sanctum. From 1485 to 1487, the bastion held against onslaughts of undead attacks. It then fell when a breakthrough was spearheaded by the Pitch Bone Legion. The death of the entire population ensued over the next week of slaughter and torture. The evil set upon the place caused the spirits to rise and haunt the ruined castle.

After the Black Tide War, the ruins of Holy Sanctum became the headquarters of Kambar-Ghul. This army of the Black Tide was driven from the place in the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551).

Today, the eroded siege works and trench lines are littered with the bones of well-over 30,000 creatures. The ten-mile area surrounding the ruins of Holy Sanctum is avoided by all living creatures. Attempts to break the cycle of undeath in the region have failed. The area can be cleared but at a great cost to the attackers, but this is only a temporary respite, for on the next passing of Deaths Kindle, the undead rise once again to haunt the area. The undead that rise in this accursed area cannot leave the haunted battlefield. The area of safety from the undead attacks is marked by holy monoliths spaced every 500 yards.

Holy Sanctum has the Blood of Phalgas running into its ruined forge. Before the Black Tide sacked the place, this magical stream was used to produce thousands of soul-fire weapons.

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Holy Sanctum