Whitefang Sottisk

RegionAerie of Dragons
Diiv Kiir20%
Alignmentchaotic evil
Purposedragon mastery, creation
LeaderFo Moriim
Established9 Lunar 1310 HE

Whitefang, or Sottisk to Draconic speakers, is a very old cult dedicated to dragon mastery, dragon research, and creation of new dragon-blooded creatures. It was formed during the reign of Galirkrad. The cult worked with the military to train dragons for war and to create new dragon-blooded creatures. They also worked to subvert the dragon cultists of Vith Alok . At the time, this dragon cult was tied closely with Zeymah'kein. It was a highly respected organization that served the interests of their government. Whitefang worked to harm Zeymah'kein by changing the thinking of the Cult. This was done by Whitefang agents. They worked to change the modus operandi from one of dragon reverence to dragon domination and creation. Whitefang's campaign of subversion was costly and done over a very long period, almost one hundred years. By 1405 HE, Vith Alok was mostly converted to the path of darkness. Many members of the Cult fled Arkhoisan territory. Some went west and joined up with Whitefang or moved east into Hells Womb.

In 435, Whitefang's sorcerers created the first Diiv Kiir by unnatural methods. They found a way of infusing a pregnant humanoid with the blood of a white dragon named Amaglothorn. Over the months and years that followed, they infused many dwarves and elves. Of those that survived, half remained with Whitefang, the others returned to Amaglothorn where they became his servants and soldiers.

In 1215, Drog'paagol convinced Whitefang to join Vith Alok. Whitefang became a cell of Vith Alok as a way to expand their pool of knowledge and resources. Today, Whitefang is a very powerful and old organization, highly respected among Vith Alok's cells. Even though Drog'paagol is the overall leader of the Cult, Whitefang is given a lot more room to meddle and plot their own evil machinations.

Whitefang has its headquarters in a vast labyrinth city beneath Viing Prolgiid called Neben-Skerah. Where it is linked with the passages to Viing Prolgiid it is enormous, where even the largest of dragons can move and fly about freely. This fortified area is built in such a way that dragons can breath into areas through conical apertures; and at the same time, attackers have great difficulty in getting to the dragon. When Galirkrad fell to Ashmerthoon, the entrances to Neben-Skerah were sealed with ancient draconic magic like cold curtains. When Ashmerthoon attacked Neben-Skerah, they suffered terrible losses. They abandoned the siege of Neben-Skerah, and then the ruins of Viing Prolgiid.

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