Class16th wizard / 10th pale master
RaceMaleraunt (Lich)
Queen - Kingdom of Bloodtusk1498 - 1800
Syndic of Commerce1456 - 1497
Alignmentneutral evil
Born3 Artifice 1412
Undead4 Witchrite 1456

Cryanus served on the Council of Nine for four centuries. As a requirement of her admittance, she embraced lichdom, giving up her life energy for negative energy on 4 Witchrite 1456.

In 1497, she left her post as Syndic of Commerce and Treasury. She went south to Ma'Ohari to court Jairall Bloodtusk. Though no longer part of Paradomea's government, her economic measures, especially the favored trade agreements between her old homeland and the Kingdom of Bloodtusk are proof of the Council's interest in the prosperity of Ma'Ohari western ports.

In 1498, Cryanus convinced Jairall into making her co-partner in rule. Jairall did not enter this business relationship blind. His old friend Dax, and his extensive spy network, notified him of her intent. After some magical constraints were put on Cryanus, which she willingly accepted, she became Bloodtusk's first and only queen.

Speaking of his herd, Jairall said that Cryanus was the most powerful, cunning, and useful of all his undead wives. For three centuries, she governed Salandirik. In the first two centuries, her economic policies turned the fortunes of the Kingdom around. Some claim that Paradomea's advisors were of great help in doing this.

Regardless of who is in power, Paradomea's Council of Nine has always sought commercial wealth over good and evil or other morale grounds. Salandirik and Raci-Tuc were commercial power-houses before the Black Tide War. The Council does not wish that to disappear under Bloodtusk rule.

- Cryanus, from one of her scrolls - "Mercantile Lords"

In 1798, Salandirik fell to the Burterinii-Buccaneer Alliance. It is said Cryanus fled the onslaught, disappeared into the jungles of Ma'Ohari or into the deeps to join her husband.