Goulnax Svocius

Class15th fighter
RaceSvirfneblin (King Ghoul)
Title33rd Azimuthal Potentate
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born12 Dreamer 1167
Died3 Saunas 1239
Undead27 Hollow 1240

Goulnax was the 33rd Azimuthal Potentate of the Runax Chenkhar. He was loved by most, yet his oldest son grew weary of his prolonged rule and figured he would never get the crown in his lifetime, so he brought about his early retirement. He was murdered in the third period of reign for his family. At the time he was lawful neutral in alignment and not a stern believer of any higher power.

Goulnax was buried in a tomb many miles above Shiz-Abscis. He did not remain long in rest, for his yearning for revenge brought him into contact with Thasmudyan. Goulnax pledged his soul to Thasmudyan and any of those he devoured, and in return Thasmudyan blessed him with undeath. He rose from his tomb as a ghoul king. He preyed on his people and others, creating many more ghouls - his new subjects. He had Izurâg built as his new palace with his subjects living in a vast network of chaotically arrayed structures akin to mausoleums. His descent into darkness is often attributed from prolonged use of the mace Ruin. Although it is not a sentient or evil item, the necromantic and "undead-like" properties of it said to have tainted its wielder.

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