RegionHells Womb
HeadquartersAthenas Daggers
Diiv Kiir 70%
Purposedragon worship, control, creation
Established26 Temporal 1057

When Zeymah'kein and Mir'piamauza went to war, the Cult stashed the dragon orb in the Spire of Neld-Rac where it remained untouched for over a thousand years.

In 1024, a Bralda-Balc exploration team returned to Kal-Oni with relics and tomes from the Spire of Neld-Rac. All but one of the items found in this Helas Vessel was of Durkoth make. The one item that was not, was a dragon orb created thousands of years earlier by Coldwrath (c.f. founder of the dragon cult Vith Alok). Long after Coldwrath had died, his cult kept this dragon orb hidden inside their tower at Gaard Goraag.

The dragon orb seems to have exerted some control over members of Bralda-Balc, because they began to have a strong interest in dragon-kind and controlling them for fell purposes. When Bralda-Balc began splitting into six factions, one of these became known as Tîra-Phâth. Banished from Zayr, they went north to the frontier city Scartaris.

In 1065, Tîra-Phâth set up shop in Athenas Daggers. From this place, storied in dragon lore, they began to exert their influence on the area around. Since that time, their activities have included destabilizing those around them, extorted money for "keeping the dragons at bay", and selling trained blue dragons to the Corps of the Apocalypse.

In 1265, thieves hired by Tîra-Phâth made off with Whitefang secrets on creating Diiv Kiir. In the beginning, only privileged cult females based out of Athenas Daggers were allowed to conceive dragon-descended children. Seeing that the pace of births was too slow, the cult began abducting subjects from Scartaris and other settlements. This ended up getting the cult banned from Scartaris a dozen or more times. Fortunately for them, influence and gold always got them back in after a few years. After three centuries of dragon-infused births, the lines were pure and big enough that continuation was left to Diiv Kiir parents. Every so often, and for considerable coin, Tîra-Phâth regenerates the Diiv Kiir bloodlines in Scartaris and Bathor.

In 1330, Tîra-Phâth joined Vith Alok. The current whereabouts of the dragon orb, the Orb of Dominion, is unknown.

Dracolich Creations
NameTransformation Date
Flameghulead22 Temporal 1477