Cascades of Phanax
RegionLands of Purity
Founded8 Dreamer 1087

Phanax was founded by the Farinteen Empire. In the early days, its economy grew from rich iron and copper mines in the Raganbiraks. A town grew up around the mines and then slowly spread a mile southward along streams, rivers, and a series of waterfalls. At the time, the coastal area did not serve well as a port. The waters were too shallow, so a group of wizards from the Arch-Mages of Merioss were hired to dredge the proposed port area. This was done with the help of water elementals and earth elementals. This was a monumental effort, so conjured elementals would only be able to do some of the work, the rest would have to be ones native to Bal-Kriav. The earth elementals were required because of the bedrock shelf that extended out from the mainland. Once this was broken up, the rivers Nithiach and Sinuran along with dozens of water elementals added depth to the southern end of the now port-city Phanax.

When Farinteen fell in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), Phanax became an city of the Black Tide. During their occupation, the Black Tide had a lot of trouble securing the city. Sea elves were a major threat, with daily sorties against the Black Tide occupiers, often attacking from the deep waterways that flow through the city. The undead also had to contend with guerrilla attacks from the city's platinum mines and land and air raids from the Raganbiraks.

In the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), the Black Tide had to withdraw from the city to protect other areas. Rather than let it fall intact, they tried to raze it, but unusual weather in the area made this task impossible. The city was left relatively unscathed from the two wars. After the war, Phanax became part of Malacost.

Phanax is a major river port for Malacost. The city is on the eastern side of the Nithiach; three miles upriver from the Pearl Sea. Another smaller river and many streams flow southwest down from the Raganbiraks and then through the city. The waters flow through canals, aqueducts and over many waterfalls. Many places of the city can be reached by canal as well as streets.

By land the city is northeast of Vraga Moltus and south of Tara-Har. During the bitter Black Tide War, the Phanax shipyards continued to pump out warships, even while the empire's crown city burned under the hands of Thasmudyan's evil hordes. The Phanax Dragons, a navy of the Holy Armada of Malacost, is headquartered in this city. The citizens of the city take great pride in their navy and sailors of the Phanax Dragons are highly respected and generously paid.

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