Third Epoch

Period1500 - present

The Third Epoch spans the period 1500 to present.

Year 1500 - War of the Fragments

The War of the Fragments begins when a rumor is spread that entropy fragments are somewhere in the Thangolos forest.

A unit of the Pharêthôn explore Black Forge Keep. This enterprise by Dax Jagg reveals his thirst for greater power and threatens the Black Tide war effort.

A Church of Atlas is established in Vraga Moltus by the Sinews of Atlas.

Year 1501 - Year of Undead Spawning

The vampiric necromancer Azalea transforms the mortal dragon Slag into a dracolich.

In the Gimhak War, Monty the Mad is slain while single-handedly fighting two slaughterstone behemoths. Months later in the necro-labyrinths of Úrwath, Monty becomes a death knight.

In return for military aid against the Black Tide, the Farinteen Alliance sells the city of Aggis to Paradomea. The shell company XI Institute Holdings is established to handle this transaction.

The Port Bile settlement is founded by the Council of Bile.

Lenassu Dras'ee leaves the Black Tide.

Year 1502 - The Corrupted Clan

Katrana of the Black Tide , transforms the dwarves of Maharâg. She uses the great power of the Elder Orb of Embers to curse the Crown of Phlehorn. She then uses the corrupted crown to transform the Maharâg's dwarves into duergar. The duergar call themselves the Maharâg-Makgul, pledging allegiance to their creator.

Kebechet becomes a Lesser Power.

In the Occupation of Milithian, the Kingdom of Bloodtusk is repulsed by the Milithian garrison.

The settlement Bueratum is founded by halfling refugees from the Lands of Purity.

Year 1503 - Fall of Gimhak

The capture of Izanargam ends the Gimhak War, and the 2,200 reign of Gimhak.

Raxcvillibus marries the lich Kat-Trâra Hlothuru.

Duergar use an Earthspear to join the Great Tradeway with Sidari-Nyx.

Ending their nomadic ways, the Eärendur settle down in the Inghild Mountains.

The fortress of Lazoth is completed by the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

Katrana defeats the storm titan Dranfulmus and the great silver wyrm Tindarâpha at Viressur.

Year 1504 - Fall of the Farinteen Empire

The Uzurundabud assert control of much of the vast subterranean network called the Great Tradeway.

Said to be impregnable by even the heel of Atlas, the citadel Vraga Moltus is sacked by the combined forces of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan and the Uzurundabud. Along with much booty, the dark elves also capture the fabled Silver Staff of the Arcane from the Palace of Farinteen. The Farinteen Empire falls, and with it the Farinteen Alliance. These events end the Black Tide War.

The Altocumuli recover six Entropy Fragments, leading to the creation of an Entropy Arch.

Year 1505 - Earthquake of Ogremoch

A massive earthquake occurs in the area of the Eastern Shar. The quake is later called the Earthquake of Ogremoch. It was brought on by the over-zealous activities of a mage seeking to conjure a creature far beyond her abilities to control. The Earthquake of Ogremoch changed the topography of the lands around the Eastern Shar and its reverberations were felt as far as Paradomea City.

The Orchish Empire, battle-hardened from the Gimhak War, march against the ogre city-states of eastern Grashakh. The first ogre city to fall in what becomes known as the First Ogre War is Dumugon.

Irastâmâz is established at Skarn.

Lenassu Dras'ee completes construction of Spirit Crypt.

Dax Jagg is made Arch-Cabal of the world Bal-Kriav.

Year 1506 - The Grave

Under duress, the Loremasters of Ermikel rename the Lands of Purity, calling it The Grave. Behind this change is the Black Tide, the region's new masters. The landscape, stained with blood, scorched from the fires of war, and suffering famine and plague, becomes an undead haven.

Katrana Dumu-loc causes lake Nellaegaer to disappear into the Abyssal Funnel.

The Shields of Iraktharbhun is formed by enemies of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

Year 1507 - The Sleeping Song

A large fleet of Khazarkar Empire's Rûnê navy are lost near Séregon. This conflict becomes known as the Sleepers Battle.

Year 1508 - Liberation of Dumugon

Toomrur shamans find the lost art of making war trolls.

In the fourth year of the First Ogre War, an ogre army liberates Dumugon from the Orchish Empire.

Year 1509 - Târuk Hidar

Backed by the military and finances of Ivory Asylum, the company Nibar Mâru establishes the Târuk Hidar colony on Vhurghad.

Year 1510 - Vla'akith CLVII Ascends

Vla'akith CLVII, leader of Har'kish Empire, leaves her mortal trappings, becoming the god Pivix.

Nevicanad activates the River Maws, opening rifts to the faraway world Cresting Spires.

Year 1511 - First Ogre War Ends

The Orchish Empire and the Toomrur of eastern Grashakh sign a peace treaty, ending the First Ogre War.

Dwarves, stone giants and goliath around Nym-Zoedine establish a federalist government in Bazandaggûl.

Year 1512 - Barbagan

Tribal leaders of Ugrol establish the Barbagan government.

A tsunami strikes the Tári Súrion. Ten thousand elves perish in the disaster. Learning of the weakened state of this elven nation, frost giants, ice trolls, and bugbears of Inzurakthol descend on Tári Súrion. Tao-Nuyu sends aid to their northern neighbors helping beat back the raiders.

The War of the Fragments ends in a stalemate.

A horde of jara begins forming in the Gorum Steppe.

Year 1513 - Sealing of the Abyssal Funnel

The Abyssal Funnel is sealed by Aredhel and a team of arcanists from the Arch-Mages of Merioss. Some claim that even the god Arcana was called in for this difficult task.

Year 1514 - Satrap Wars

A time of petty lords and frequent conflict for power and land begins in the ogre lands of Thingrorn and Gunaegail. These conflicts are collectively called the Satrap Wars.

Year 1515 - Razing of Amanwen

The Gorum Horde rampages through the eastern fringes of the High Wood Country. The Gorum Horde are stopped at Amanwen, but not before the place is burned to the ground and massive forest fires are started in the surrounding areas.

Lenassu Dras'ee and Crick become undead.

Year 1517 - Dras'ees War

Seeking to re-establish a monarchy, insurgents start a civil war in the Khazarkar Empire. This conflict becomes known as Dras'ee's War.

The Orchish Empire is found to be meddling in the internal affairs of the Khazarkar Empire. This starts the Second Ugradrath War.

The fire giants of the Trudnar establish the Surticon empire.

Year 1519 - Prisoners of Ink Hold

Lenassu Dras'ee and Crick are captured by the Târush-Ginâth. The capture of these rebel leaders ends Dras'ee's War. They are sentenced to three centuries of imprisonment in the Ink Hold.

Year 1520 - Sakarumân

The settlement Sakarumân is founded by the Khazarkar Empire.

Year 1523 - Treaty of Aphalê

The Treaty of Aphalê, signed by the Khazarkar Empire and the Orchish Empire, ends the Second Ugradrath War.

Setarch Hâlê becomes the Khazarkar Empire's new leader.

Year 1524 - Order of Solars

The Order of Solars is established. This order becomes a beacon of hope and leadership for the subjugated peoples of the Lands of Purity.

Year 1526 - Hobgoblin War

The Tormoran Federation starts the Hobgoblin War when they march into the territories of the city-state Vrak-Tror.

Surticon builds the great wall Yorthrun Tor.

Year 1528 - Capture of Vrak-Tror

The Hobgoblin War ends with the taking of Vrak-Tror.

Years 1529 - Duplicity Period Begins

Neld-Rac used an ancient forbidden spell to mask divination. This next nine years become known as the Duplicity Period.

Years 1531 - Fall of Iglutt

The Targad city Iglutt is captured by the Shields of Iraktharbhun.

The Orchish Empire and the Khazarkar Empire come to arms in the Third Ugradrath War. In the Aerie of Dragons, the Ag Envok declare war on the Piiv. This starts the War of Kesk Lein.

A rogue modron named Tetretz arrives in Gaudrith. He becomes an important personage do to his wealth of knowledge and expertise on creating automations, clockworks, and maugs.

Ogre Lord Morbakh is turned into a Taln'nazân Famine Spirit-King.

Years 1532 - Ma'Ohari Allies

Goth-Dyvermoir allies with the Ag Envok, thereby joining the War of Kesk Lein.

Old war veterans, broken and infirm, come together as the Golden Elite.

Years 1533 - Ankh of Phalgas

The Golden Elite crosses into the Sylvan Kingdoms, a land once verdant and full of life, battling Katrana's dark forces. They liberate Elamir, find a way in Viressur and then penetrate her bastion in Gûn Peak. In this volcano they overcome their foe, taking possession of the dragon relic Zuwuth Uv Enkii.

The Golden Elite and the Voldanwen Army capture Fell Post.

The Shields of Iraktharbhun capture the Targad city Milithian.

Year 1534 - The Crillion Comet

The Golden Elite explores the Crillion Comet. After recovering a needed device from this ancient voidship, they launch the Elder Orb of Embers into the heart of Merioss.

The War of Kesk Lein ends.

The Targad confederacy breaks up.

Year 1535 - Cari'phis Tooth

The breaking of an artifact creates the glacier Cari'phis Tooth.

A Golden Elite army captures Atturgad in the Siege of Atturgad.

Years 1538 - Duplicity Period Ends

The Balance ends Neld-Rac's spell, brining an end to the Duplicity Period.

Year 1539 - The Athenian Crusade

In the Lands of Purity, forces of good establish the Holy Quinary. In the Severed Neck Battle, the Holy Quinary defeats the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. This battle is the beginning of the war called the Athenian Crusade.

The Peace of Lyfning Bar ends the Third Ugradrath War.

Year 1540 - Amurlax

The subterranean fortress Amurlax is built by the Holy Quinary.

Year 1542 - Tâchumâz Espionage

Irastâmâz spies steal the formula for Metallis Mold from the Kingdom of Bloodtusk.

The Flux Expedition begins.

Year 1543 - Avalê

Avalê is built by House Urkuzîr.

Year 1544 - Hleittil

Comissioned by Paradomea XI Exploration, the Guilson Explorers map and explore Hleittil.

Ermikel the Balance, changes the region called Grave back to its original name, the Lands of Purity. This change is brought on by the goodly forces gaining control over the lands during the Athena Crusdade.

Year 1546 - The Artery War

The Black Tide, embroiled in in the Athenian Crusade war, is attacked by three empires in Hells Womb - Surticon, Council of Bile, and Paradomea. This conflict called the Artery War puts the Black Tide at war in the Lands of Purity and across Hells Womb.

Year 1547 - Liberation of Voruner

The Black Tide abandons Voruner.

Year 1550 - Outpost Prime

The Holy Quinary drives the Har'kish out of Outpost Prime.

Year 1551 - Rise of the Country of Malacost

The Black Tide is forced out of the Lands of Purity, ending the Athenian Crusade. Many of those that fought in this conflict, often closely alongside other allied races, and having their lands held by a enemy for so long, decided on a more common defense under a federalist state. On 17 Brighstar, elves, dwarves, Forstneblin, and Tragarans establish the Country of Malacost. The constitution, laws and principles set forth by Malacost become a bulwark for law, goodness, and equality.

Year 1552 - Artery Joined

Paradomea joins the Artery War against the Black Tide. This act of war nullifies the Nullattîm Balance.

Year 1553 - Voruner Joins Malacost

Voruner becomes a state of Malacost.

Year 1554 - Fall of Ugidreth

Ugidreth, Black Tide's capital on Brucrumus, falls to the armies of Paradomea. The last remaining army of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan is driven from Brucrumus, ending the Artery War.

Lorkiee Kal-Oni becomes a Syndic of the Council of Nine.

Year 1555 - Discovery of Steam Power

The gnomes of Engineen discover steam power. Their first contraptions are massive steam drills and innumerable preposterous devices of little practical use.

The Central Stability becomes an empire.

Year 1556 - Ilfengrim

Katrana establishes the necromantic guild Ilfengrim.

The fortress of Gadyan is completed.

Year 1558 - Flattening of Târuk Hidar

Târuk Hidar, a colonial town of the Tâchpachâr Empire, is leveled by a legendary construct called the Flexing Behemoth.

Year 1559 - Gwaeldior Pact

Paradomea, Council of Bile and Celebriän forge the Gwaeldior Pact. This military alliance is forged to stop the Orchish Empire's land grab in the Sorrow Pass.

Year 1560 - Rumakarrûs

The settlement Rumakarrûs is founded by a militaristic sect of Athena worshiping soldiers.

Year 1562 - Springs of Sehanine

Priestesses of the god Sehanine travel to the Cresting Spires and bring back three clusters of Cresting Vats. These vats are collectively known as the Springs of Sehanine.

Black Tide ex-soldiers establish Ebonweird, a unit of the Orchish Empire's ground forces.

Year 1569 - Helmogorn

The settlement Helmogorn is founded by the warforged.

Year 1587 - Kibar-Kûn

Construction begins on the Kibar-Kûn, a system of railroads destined to link all of the Clans great dwarven holds.

Year 1584 - Hîngar-Hloth

Malacost completes a canal linking the Galathien sea with the Bog Sea. This waterway is called Hîngar-Hloth.

The death of Gass-du-lac Dras'ee leads to civil war in Free Tooth. This civil war comes to be known as the Shifter Separation. It results in the splintering of were-creatures along racial lines.

The Fargimdal acquire steam technology from Engineen.

Year 1585 - Queen of Ink Hold

Lenassu Dras'ee becomes Queen of Ink Hold.

Year 1589 - Gurë Uprising

Low pay, squalid living conditions, and harsh treatment lead to Gurë Uprising and three Gurë legions running amok in the Seven Vales of the Hairfoots

Year 1590 - Fall of Phara-Bal

The wererats of Free Tooth sack Phara-Bal.

Year 1595 - Razing of Ratgorthor

Ivory Asylum razes the city of Ratgorthor and discover information on the fall of Phara-Bal.

Year 1598 - Pharêthôn

Dax Jagg establishes the assassin guild Pharêthôn.

Year 1600 - Kebechet

On 31 Witchrite, Kebechet joins an alliance of gods called The Balance.

Eclipse becomes Nature Protectorate of the Tribe Steppes.

Year 1601 - Treaty of Gathol

By the Treaty of Gathol, the long-contested area of Gathol is made a DMZ.

Year 1602 - Surkiln

The settlement Surkiln is founded by the Orchish Empire.

Year 1604 - End of the Satrap Wars

The Satrap Wars come to an end.

Year 1606 - Sazar Academy

The Sazar Academy is established in Rîni.

Drachmon kills the reigning Khan of Rilirthad, Lherzolite-Tun III. Drachmon, a primordial entropic shapeshifter, takes the shape of his victim and his manners, becoming an exact copy, leading the empire as the "new" Lherzolite-Tun III.

Year 1607 - Isumbras

The settlement Isumbras is founded by halfling colonists out of Bueratum.

Year 1611 - Measure & Fortify

A group of maugs establish the company Measure & Fortify.

Year 1612 - Second Dead Council

The Second Dead Council becomes the new government of the Black Tide.

The settlement Gleshgath is built by the Black Tide.

Year 1618 - Sintangad

The Black Tide establishes the assassin guild Sintangad.

Year 1622 - Mauleg

In the shallow reaches of Sakal, werebadgers build the settlement Mauleg.

Trelshum Syndicate, a government sponsored company of Goth-Dyvermoir, is established.

Year 1629 - Hell's General

Returning from Hells Eighth Tour, Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc joins Ba'lith's armies.

Year 1630 - Barb Turret

Measure & Fortify construct the bastion Barb Turret.

Year 1632 - Ba'lith Hell Knight General

A foreigner, and of a race that once subjugated their people (c.f. Great Minotaur Revolt), the hell knight Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc is made a Ba'lith general.

Year 1637 - Bapharathân Confederacy

The werebadgers of Mauleg and the wildling badgers of Turnîrâth establish a confederation government called Bapharathân.

Year 1641 - Rattenkreig

The settlement Rattenkreig is founded by exiled lycanthropes from Weretopia.

Boglin becomes the Nature Protectorate of the Troll Bogs.

Year 1642 - Traeulf Eruption

Traeulf erupts with a catastrophic explosion, wiping out the population of Hinnbjalf and turning half of Jadvild into a fiery wasteland.

Year 1650 - Symdar

The settlement Symdar is founded by the Council of Bile.

Year 1655 - Kudyast

The werewolf packs of Zaru-Nâth found the settlement Kudyast.

Year 1660 - Third Sorrow Pass War

The Gwaeldior Pact goes to war with the Orchish Empire in the Third Sorrow Pass War.

A Dead Councillor of the Black Tide, Dax Jagg, starts an ambitious plan to redirect the flow of one volcano into another. This becomes known as the Groarnfer Plan.

Year 1661 - Defilnus's War

This small scale war was fought in and under Collossapolos. The Grim Whisker chapter of Rat Swarm were wiped out in this conflict. It also led to the fall of Defilnus and Monty the Mad's promotion to Arch-Dragern of the Armies.

Year 1662 - Third Sorrow Pass War Ends

The Gwaeldior Pact defeats the Orchish Empire ending the Third Sorrow Pass War. The First Orchish Civil War begins.

Year 1665 - Spies Abound

Gimrune merchants on Angvild establish a market for soul-fire metal. Spies of Ivory Asylum learn that the Creed of Tech extracted a large quantity of soul-fire from the ruins of Holy Sanctum.

Kreb the Scribe, an agent of the Shadow Sect, steals energy weapon plans from the XI Institute. The recipient of this classified information is rumored to be Malacost.

Year 1666 - First Orchish Civil War Ends

The First Orchish Civil War ends.

Year 1670 - Azrik Church of Asmdoeus

The Church of Asmdoeus is formalized in Azrik.

The Third Gwaellurth War begins.

Year 1671 - Grolanters Ember

The giants of Oathundor finish construction of a gargantuan lighthouse called Grolanters Ember.

Year 1672 - Treaty of Droorlow

Raxcvillibus brings the Ba'lith Empire and the Torgilm Confederacy to the peace table, forging the Treaty of Droorlow. As part of this treaty, Gimrune engineers are sent south where they begin work on the Bug Obliterators.

Year 1681 - Giant Specification Law

Harknori is attacked and partially occupied by a horde of Igurkesh. After they are driven from the city, the fire giant legislature of Harknori enact the Giant Specification law.

Year 1683 - Raxcvillibus is Freed

Apoxlins Sentence, the 198 year curse on Raxcvillibus ends.

Year 1685 - Aredhel Ascends

On 14 Bloom, Silvanus is removed from The Balance. Aredhel, considered Bal-Kriav's most powerful druid, joins the Higher Powers. Eclipse takes over Aredhel's responsibilities as Nature Protectorate of the High Wood Country.

The Third Gwaellurth War ends.

Year 1687 - Togomund Sink

The Rilirthad unleashes the raw energies of Granitoid into the lands of Karnegmoth. The Nature Protectorate of Karnegmoth, Monkerd-Miggis, reports that the cause of this disturbance is the Togomund Sink. The opening of this inter-system rift starts the Karnegmoth Cataclysm.

Year 1689 - Earth Callers

In the lands of Karnegmoth, Gebs Chosen create the Earth Callers. These devices spew forth rivers of elemental mud onto the landscape.

Year 1691 - Halius

Rebel groups combating the ecological mayhem brought on by the Rilirthad, come together under the demigod Lokestant. They establish a bastion called Halius.

Year 1692 - Bombing of Geb

The planet Gebs Rain is pummeled by meteor showers - the Bombing of Geb. This devastating bombardment drives the Norderns from Gebs Rain. They travel through temporary rifts between the worlds Gebs Rain and Bal-Kriav. The Norderns arrive in the Bog Sea.

Yearning for the emperor's sash, Raxcvillibus begins the Terror March.

Year 1693 - Pacts

The Greenland Alliance is established to put an end to the environmental havoc caused by the Rilirthad.

The Pact of Behemoths is formed to blockade Ba'lith.

In the Terror March, the Zombie Drakon cell at Marmarath is wiped out forces under Raxcvillibus.

Year 1694 - The Bug Obliterators

A string of Sonic Horns wipe out numerous Hive Swarms along Ba'lith's southern border with the Hive bringing an end to the Locust Encroachment.

The Terror March ends. The Coeus Civil War begins.

Year 1695 - Death of Coeus

Raxcvillibus and his team go to the home world of Coeus where they send him into permanent retirement. Raxcvillibus begins the religious conversion of Ba'lith's people to the Church of Asmodeus.

On 17 Artifice, Raxcvillibus is publicly nominated as Emperor of Ba'lith. On the same day, Ba'lith's theocracy government is replaced by the Klomtroller.

Year 1696 - Fall of Bithiemeth

The rebel city Bithiemeth falls to the Ba'lith. Forces led by Emperor Raxcvillibus conquer the Ackairon.

Construction begins on the Emperor's Citadel.

Year 1697 - Brothers Enmity War

The Coeus Civil War ends. Still under arms, and seeking complete domination of the Azrik Region, forces under Emperor Raxcvillibus and Taklumlode go to war with the Torgilm Confederacy in what becomes known as the Brothers Enmity War.

In Engineen, agents of the Trelshum Syndicate steal two voidships and kidnap several top gimrune engineers.

Year 1698 - Sargolmon Federation

The Sargolmon Federation is established to end Ivory Asylum's colonial interests in Vhurghad.

Ba'lith's emperor, Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc, destroys a very rare form of hive swarm called a ruin swarm.

Year 1701 - Zharr Rikkaz

To stop the pirating of their void trade routes, Deep Six declares war on Goth-Dyvermoir. This conflict becomes known as the Zharr Rikkaz war.

The Dead Saint is made Arch-Cabal of the world Kriav.

Year 1702 - Hollow of Sargos

The Deep Six merchant ship, the Ale Barge, discovers the Hollow of Sargos.

Year 1703 - Grongak's Pick

The conclusion of the Flying Arrow Campaign, puts the isle of Wynvild under the Shounejo flag. Control of Wynvild by Shounejo results in a lowering of insurance rates on ships making the passage across Morwuld Briin on their way to and from the island.

Widespread trade of tobacco begins. Isumbras becomes the chief exporter of this product, with the Ivory Asylum acting as shipping agent.

Grongak is sacked by the Rilirthad. In an attempt to halt the hordes of earth elementals and dao, the dwarves of Akthol-Tharag destroy the artifact Grongak's Pick. The destruction of this artifact creates the Delvarhaast chasm.

The Minotaur Trade Federation is formed.

Year 1704 - Hook Falls to Paradomea

Paradoma captures Sûreg.

With their capital threatened by the Deep Six, Goth-Dyvermoir sues for peace. The Treaty of Orias Vual is signed on 4 Artifice 1704. This ends the Zharr Rikkaz war. Goth-Dyvermoir pays reparations in the amount of 5,000,000 gold pieces.

Fort Ambaratel is built by the Greenland Alliance.

Year 1707 - Blood Offensive

Umahanbad declares war on the Orchish Empire. The Vynnendar ally with the Orchish Empire against the evil dwarves in the Blood Offensive.

Year 1710 - Dalak-Ramal

Dalak-Ramal becomes the Nature Protectorate of the Clans.

Year 1711 - Slaying of Katrana

Katrana Dumu-loc is slain by a holy expeditionary force led by the Last Saints of Gûn. They penetrate The Ossicles, then poison her with holy water from the Monument of Šadullu. This causes her unholy essence to wander lost, unable to find its way back to her phylactery.

Year 1712 - Vhurghad Rebellion

The Sargolmon Federation forces Ivory Asylum to abandon their colonies on Vhurghad.

Amigar Urkama becomes the Nature Protectorate of Cinazan.

Year 1713 - Death Ball

At the center of the moon Deaths Kindle, a team of ghast explorers serving under Lenassu Dras'ee discover a Death Ball.

Year 1714 - Chain Jack

Measure & Fortify complete construction on Chain Jack.

Year 1719 - Laughing Hairfoot

The Urkuzîrs sell the deed for Laughing Hairfoot and Fermin to the Shinszelmoggits.

Ba'lith captures Ilfongrak. As heart of the resistance, this also ends the Torgilm Confederacy.

Year 1721 - Birth of the Kamlêth-Girân

The Zenduram begin building a clone army called the Kamlêth-Girân.

Year 1722 - Warp Whirl

Blackjammers Marauders are caught in a Warp Whirl and teleported from the Buccaneer Archipelago to Nautrek. Later in the same year, Blackjammers Marauders found the settlement Blackjammer.

On 17 Brightstar, the hills of Ânul are declared free of gnoll influence. Truly free, a second time, 17 Brighstar becomes known among the Mongrelfolk as Second Freedom, a day of celebration.

Year 1723 - Mullûwâr

Mullûwâr, a massive shipyard for building skyships and voidships , is built.

The Brothers Enmity War ends.

Year 1726 - Setarch Phêrî Hama-Ulmar

Phêrî Hama-Ulmar becomes the leader of the Khazarkar Empire.

Year 1729 - End of the Azrik Blockade

The Azrik Blockade ends with Ba'lith giving up its long tradition of sponsoring pirates.

Year 1733 - Battle of Azrunâth

The Khazarkar Empire attempts to expand their empire by attacking Azrunâth (c.f. Battle of Azrunâth).

Year 1734 - Militarized Engineen

The democratic government of Engineen is overthrown by the military. They began re-tooling their machines and inventions for war. Shounejo spies learn of Engineen's planned invasion of Wynvild.

Year 1735 - Arrowowyn War

Engineen starts the Arrowowyn War with Shounejo.

Year 1740 - Peace of Arrowowyn

The Arrowowyn War ends.

Year 1741 - Ambaratel

Ambaratel becomes an independent city-state.

Year 1742 - Restoring Democracy

The democratic government is restored in Engineen.

Year 1745 - Phoslomor's Survey of Midrêth

Phoslomor, famed navigator-explorer presents his book Phoslomor's Survey of Midrêth, at the Paradomea Debates. In recognition of his achievements in exploration he was awarded the Medallion of the Great Explorer.

Year 1749 - Core Offensive

The Orchish Empire begins expanding their territorial interests north towards the Core Sea. This campaign becomes known as the Core Offensive.

Year 1750 - Fall of Farengrath

As part of the Core Offensive war, the Orchish Empire destroys the petty kingdom of Farengrath.

A Suellk spy steals the location of the Hollow of Sargos from the Arachnidion.

Year 1751 - Amigar Case

Agents of Kamrazîr assassinate Amigar Urkama, appointed Nature Protectorate of Cinazan. The Amigar Case results in a Region Censure of Cinazan and much ill weather over the next fifty years.

The High Command orders work to commence on the Virgath-Mazgob Canal.

Year 1752 - As'lumix

Gnome explorers of Engineen locate their long-lost brethren of As'lumix.

The empires of Pipe Home establish the first national Mercantile Exchange.

Year 1755 - Sôvuk Gate Heist

A master thief of Mârukhatâz breaks into what is said to be unbreakable, the bastion Phollûmâ, and makes off with the ancient painting Sôvuk Gate.

The Galathrellach Agreement is signed banning all state enterprises and garrisons on the isle of Galathrellach.

Year 1759 - Moglúr

The ruins of Rabaranda are taken by the Orchish Empire.

Year 1760 - Treaty of Quellestir

The Treaty of Quellestir ends the Core Offensive.

Year 1771 - Tearberon

Agents of Tearberon find old war documents in the haunted ruins of Ugidreth.

Year 1781 - Fanged Court

The Fanged Court is established.

Year 1783 - Tobacco Market Run-Up

The Mercantile Exchange goes international. Trading is open to all member states.

The nefarious Trelshum Syndicate wrecks the economies of Isumbras and Bueratum when they burn their tobacco harvests. The Trelshum Syndicate "cashes in" on the resulting increase of tobacco prices by way of tobacco futures on the Mercantile Exchange.

Year 1788 - Crimson Eye, Inc.

A band of adventurers, most former soldiers of Penal Battalion 321, establish the company Crimson Eye, Inc.

Year 1790 - Fall of Sakullêth

Sakullêth falls to Belgunth's army.

Agents of the Rat Swarm assassinate the Shou Ambassador Li-Gin. This murder is in reprisal for Shou dumping of wild cats ("rodent-hunters") on the island of Dorumun Overlook.

Crimson Eye plunders the Mound of Bone Pounder.

Year 1791 - Corruption of Maegorion

Black Wood plants the Seed of Tarfilerquar, the heart of an evil god, in the Maegorion Forest.

Year 1792 - Sakullêth Beseiged

Ivory Army besieges Sakullêth.

Year 1793 - Sussgurd Enslavement

Large groups of de-evolved Sussgurd are rounded up and enslaved by the forces of Sakullêth.

Year 1795 - Burterinii-Bloodtusk War

The Burterinii and pirates of the Buccaneer Archipelago form an alliance against the Kingdom of Blootusk. The Burterinii-Buccaneer Alliance starts the Burterinii-Bloodtusk War.

The Dark Timber Migration is recorded.

Year 1796 - Thyrms Cough

On the world Bal-Kriav, this year was unusually cold. Waterways that had never seen ice were frozen, snow fell in tropical areas, crops died on a massive scale. Famine swept through many lands wiping the population out by as much as ten percent. As is usual during these calamities, undead cults bolstered their numbers with the fallen. One of the most notable events of this year was the slaying of a Legendary Wolf named Alpha Male. After the death of Alpha Male, his murderer Torbish, became the dictator of Kudyast.

Nevicanad opens the Sand Spitter rift.

Ren-Jorusk is captured by the Burterinii-Buccaneer Alliance.

Beldirothe becomes the Nature Protectorate of Ma'Ohari.

Year 1797 - Raci-Tuc Liberation

Raci-Tuc, slave city for over three centuries, is liberated by the Burterinii-Buccaneer Alliance.

Year 1798 - Death of Steel Monger

Crimson Eye, Inc. makes a name for themselves as hundreds of jara are blasted into vapor when their camp is struck by a Voice of Gith. This creates an area called the Monger Desolate.

Salandirik is captured by the Burterinii-Buccaneer Alliance.

Year 1799 - Great Ridgebone Quake

Part of the mountains and ridges bordering Khimrathil crumble under the shock of the Great Ridgebone Quake. The quake exposes parts of the Pyramid of Anti-Nature. Sakullêth's ruler Belgunth, takes control of this marvel.

Crimson Eye, Inc., renowned drug peddlers, slavers, and adventurers loot the ancient Sanguine Whispers redoubt called Outpost Prime. Their greatest find is the Juggernaut.

Year 1800 - Looting of Citho-Cûr

Crimson Eye loots the abandoned void port of Citho-Cûr.

In the Battle of Bloodtusk Bay, the great sea port Tâchumâz falls to the Burterinii-Buccaneer Alliance. The fall of this city, and worse, the demise of the Admiral-King Jairall ends the four century reign of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk.

Year 1801 - Phaze Keep

By way of Phaze Keep, the group Crimson Eye travels to the continent of Elemantum. In this distant region, beyond the Elemantum Boundary Ward, they adventure through Igas and Anubeth.

In the heart of Karnegmoth, the demigod Lokestant creates the Waterhaven Channel.

Ararthand becomes the Nature Protectorate of Cinazan.

Year 1802 - Rise of the Toomrur Hegemony

The Vith Alok turns Torfillifus into a dracolich.

Mordkon unites the Toomrur tribes of eastern Grashakh and Miradelgûn under a new empire called the Toomrur Hegemony.

The fortress Ragongrak is completed by Crimson Eye.

Year 1803 - Fall of Porphyry

The Greenland Alliance destroys Porphyry.

Year 1804 - Crimson Offensive

Seeking to put an end to Toomrur Hegemony raids, Crimson Eye starts the Crimson Offensive.

Year 1805 - The Sea Tunnel

The Wayfarers, naval explorers commissioned by Paradomea XI Exploration, explore the Sea Tunnel.

Isheba, head of the Fanged Court, becomes empress of Ningizzida.

Year 1807 - End of the Blood Offensive

The Treaty of Naram-Gunal is signed on 22 Temporal. This ends the century long war called the Blood Offensive.

Year 1808 - Great Sea Tunnel Voyage

Shounejo sends a large merchant fleet through the Sea Tunnel with the mission to establish trade routes with civilizations along the coasts of Nielalroch.

Year 1809 - Khan Lherzolite-Tun IV

Khan Lherzolite-Tun III ( Drachmon in disguise ) leaves Rilirthad without a word. Lherzolite-Tun IV takes over in his "older brother's" absence.

Year 1810 - Peace of Khatúlg

The Toomrur Hegemony sue for peace, ending the Crimson Offensive.

Seeking a more potent navy, Shounejo orders the construction of twenty Ships of the Line. Word of this massive build-up causes other nations to likewise build-up their naval power.

Poseidon creates the whirlpool Eye of Poseidon as a counter to the expanding Brownlands.

Drachmon is made a primordial lord.

Year 1812 - Empress of Ba'lith

Katrana Dumu-loc becomes Empress of the Ba'lith.

Year 1814 - Rise of Icyke

The merchant lord Ickyke crushes opposition, establishing the Icyke Syndicate.

While trying to remove its Entropy Fragments, cultists of Entropy destroy the Pinnacle of Chaos.

Year 1815 - Fall of Gamazûd

Bru'khar captures Gamazûd.

Year 1817 - Goatman of Pearl

In the Running of the Bulls, a half-fey slave named Goatman, slays his hunters and wins his freedom. He vows to avenge his twenty years of slavery, by taking one Ba'lith ship for every year of servitude.

Year 1818 - Dark Prince Civil War

A religious civil war erupts in the Toomrur Hegemony. This conflict, the Dark Prince Civil War, pits demon worshipers against the followers of Vaprak.

Year 1821 - Steller Debates - Meeting 902

Secret documents are recovered from the wreckage of the Gruumsh Avenger. These documents, Stellar Debates - Meeting 902, are published by the Paradomea Gazetteer.

The Dark Prince Civil War ends. The worship of Vaprak is banned in the Toomrur Hegemony.

Year 1822 - Drachdekai Pact

The Drachdekai Pact is formed.

Following the Battle of Fort Hellstorm, Drog'paagol is banished from the Orchish Empire.

Year 1823 - Capture of Thunder Halls

Prisoners are released from Thunder Halls.

The Witch Horde under Arhibess captures Helmstar.

Year 1824 - Fifth Suellk Invasion

Into the Hollow of Sargos, crossing the Void, the Drachdekai Pact begins the Fifth Suellk Invasion.

The Luran Alliance and Witch Horde come to blows in the Buruthran War.

Ba'lith joins the Drachdekai Pact.

Year 1825 - Norderns Find Lith-Crillion Records

In the sunken ruins of Felth, Eenkai divers from Biomechallum, discover Lith-Crillion tomes. Among other things, these ancient writings detail the long lost process of making High Alloy Blutium.

Year 1826 - Chariot War

Seeking the Black Chariot, the Khazarkar starts the Chariot War.

At the Siege of Khaleddagun, Fargimdal loses Khaleddagun to the Drachdekai Pact.

Mîmig-Khâla falls to a yakfolk army.

The Gamazûd War begins.

Graz'zt becomes a Demigod.

Year 1827 - Emancers Teleporter

The Spirachiln complete the largest teleporter on Bal-Kriav, a marvel called Emancers Teleporter.

Victim of the Fifth Suellk Invasion, the city-state Isumbras falls to the Drachdekai Pact.

Year 1828 - Chaos War

Brucrumus is swept by the Chaos Malestrom. A great Horde of Chaos drives south from Hleittil, starting the Chaos War.

Year 1829 - Rise of the Divine Empire

The Buruthran War ends. Out of the Luran Alliance, victors of the war, the Divine Empire is born with Helmstar, the war prize Kugirmuk, and Rumakarrûs its major holdings.

Nordern completes the dredging of the Mephigax-Bog Channel, creating a navigable route between the Bog Sea and Nielalroch. Near the end of the year, Eclipse uses the Briar of Mirundân to close the channel.

The effects of the Chaos Maelstrom cause part of Nautrek to freeze and created a breach in the Elemantum Boundary Ward. A few weeks later, a Cinderfall army under Field Marshall Sorenass crosses the frozen sea to the northern shores of Aettein. They begin an attack on Neeth-Theen's capital Mogdúlg.

The Ithengee city Hareldocáno is sacked by the Neeth-Theen.

Ba'lith launches the largest voidship of Bal-Kriav, a great battleship called the Pillar of Horns.

Year 1830 - Fall of Gilraen

In the early days of 1830, the fire giant kingdoms of Thjollod and Xornsnous join the Flux Pact.

Erchinor is sacked by the Flux Pact.

Forces under the stone giant general Olugra, leader of ground operations for the the Flux Pact, capture the elven city of Gilraen. Another casualty of the Cinazan Front is the Thjollod Monarchy.

On 22 Witchrite 1830, Sakarumân falls to the Flux Pact.

Year 1831 - Chaos War Spreads

The Orchish Empire joins the Cinazan Front with a surprise attacks on the Khazarkar Empire.

Year 1832 - Death of an Emperor

The Council of Bile, Umahanbad and Celebriän declare war on the Orchish Empire. The Ink-Shad join the Chaos War against the Orchish Empire. In this ensuing conflict, the emperor of the Orchish Empire, Blac'drugulois, is slain by Drog'paagol at the Battle of Surkiln.

The death of the Orchish Empire's emperor starts the Second Orchish Civil War. This war lasted almost a year. The war ended when Monty the Mad eliminated opposition, earning him the Orcish Rite of Conquest, becoming the Orchish Empire's second emperor.

Trauma Squad captures Torazan Sanctum from a detachment of Conclave wizards and their minions.

Chisel Shinszelmoggit becomes the first druid of the Underdark to have the title Nature Protectorate. His takes charge of Protectorate affairs in the Underdark region Faeglor.

Sekbire, second-in-command to Dax Jagg forges the Sekbire Pact between the Tormoran Federation and the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

On 7 Witchrite, the Pillar of Horns dropped an Entropy Arch into the Khazarkar city Sapthiladân. The blast wave from its opening, creates the marvel Skyldr-Kerthjorg.

On 8 Witchrite, Trauma Squad raided Avalê. While fighting off a pack of undead they came face-to-face with Sekbire. They pursued him in a running battle as he made his way to a Harvester. The death ship was destroyed by the Pillar of Horns before he could make his escape.

On 21 Artifice, the Lich Front begins.

Year 1833 - Lich Front

The Lich Front spreads to southwestern Grashakh, where armies of the Sekbire Pact march against the contested Orchish city Gúluzgash.

Year 1834 - The Past Revealed

Spies of the Leaque of Gyalech learn that the Tyrian League were behind the theft of hullback seedlings.

While exploring Arcana, the famed Zhuts Explorers recover invaluable historical evidence of the Lith-Crillion. This information leads to theories of the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm which rained down upon Bal-Kriav in 331 HE.

In the Lich Front, a war within wars of the Chaos War, the Sekbire Pact captures Khatúlg.

EpochEra BeginEra End
Dawn Era1 DE8777 DE
God Era8778 GE9500 GE
Lith-Crillion Era1 LE2890 LE
Horgon Era1 HE1895 HE
First Epoch1999
Second Epoch10001499
Third Epoch15002000