Sansuri Yrsuthroa

Sansuri Yrsuthroa
RegionElrohir MithrandĂ­r
Racecloud giant
Alignmentchaotic evil

Empiress Sansuri Yrsuthroa is the leader of the Altocumuli. As a saint, she is Krak-Oth's highest mortal voice.

In the War of the Fragments, her reputation for brutality caused entire towns to surrender without a fight. This threat was backed by the Dawn Era relic Avalkhirân. When the wars ended, she had united the fragmented groups from the Syrmal highlands to Bullvar Ika under the Altocumuli empire.

This wise, yet cruel cloud giant has ruled the Altocumuli for more than a thousand years, her appearance and abilities unpaired with time. She wields Realm Renderer, an artifact of awesome powers and divine origins, reputed to open up chasms, or flatten hills with a single blow.