RegionHells Womb
Class20th wizard / 10th rogue
RaceTragaran (Lich)
Syndic of Special Projects1453 - present
Head of the Mutant Progress Bureau1455 - present
CEO of Undercity Mining Inc.1602 - present
Alignmentlawful neutral
BirthplaceParadomea City
Born3 Bliss 1405
Undead17 War March 1453

In 1453, Lasestrov became one of the nine ruling liches of Paradomea's Council of Nine. A brilliant scientist at a very young age, he became more dangerous and unpredictable when he took his new role as Syndic of Special Projects. In Undercity, he has free reign to carry out terror and other measures to keep the supply of goods flowing to the markets of Paradomea City and beyond.

Lasestrov has many enemies, as well as allies. In 1460, he crushed the city-state Thalbiruzdu and annexed its territory as part of Undercity.

One of Lasestrov's most powerful allies is the pit fiend Diagobyss; an ancient Devil that has dwelled in the deeps far beneath Undercity for thousands of years.

As head of the Mutant Progress Bureau, one of Paradomea's quasi-government branches, he promotes the creation of mutants and other enhanced creatures to increase mining production. He ensures this by exposing candidates and slaves to deep rocks. His dealings with Ryldorvir are thought to have helped in the creation of the first mutants.

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