RegionLands of Purity, Onvorn
Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesBahamut, Danzar-Khâl
Founded12 Brighstar 9003 GE
Hadraniel Lothalorn

In 1082, seeking new mines and riches for their people, the Aragûl clan left Guthnimor for the western mountains near the Galathien Sea. In 1084, they made it to Ginzarak where they began rebuilding an ancient Covenant citadel overlooking the nearby inland sea. It stretched into the Gûn volcano, where forges and shops fed the Covenant war machine. In the Demon Spawn War, with a port sheltered from air attacks, it supplied arms to those battling the hordes of the Abyssal Hegemony. Too costly to maintain, nearly half of this ancient place, stretching for miles, is sealed off.

In 1484, the lich Katrana, then serving as one of the leaders of the Black Tide, opened up another front of the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). She sent her army into the southern reaches of the Lands of Purity and began an attack on the Sylvan Kingdoms. She committed a number of atrocities in this region, but the worst was the transformation of Maharâg's people. This came about in 1502, when she harnessed the power of the Elder Orb of Embers and the Crown of Phlehorn. The orb charmed the people then the crown was used on each of them, turning Turkûn into duergar. Charmed by the orb and crown, they became followers of Katrana, calling themselves the Maharâg-Makgul. They were used in fighting the elves of Galadriël and other forces of the Sylvan Kingdoms allied with the Farinteen Alliance.

In 1533, a band of adventurer's known as the Golden Elite captured the aforementioned relics and freed Maharâg's people from the dark control of Katrana and reverted them to their true forms. This dark history had led to Maharâg being cautious with outsiders. They normally use vetted merchants to act as intermediary with the outside world.

Maharâg is sited inside the volcano Gûn. It is a rich city with gold and gem mines and seemingly endless tunnels descending deep into Onvorn. The city sprawls over dozens of dead volcano tubes with forge areas built close to the active ones. The many levels of the city are reachable by ramps, stairs, and elevators. In addition to the engineering, tooling and forges, are rings of fortifications that came about after the place was rescued from evil.

The main road leading from the city is Maharâg Ascent. It goes into the Underdark, ending at the Great Tradeway.

Maharâg maintains close ties with their brethren at Guthnimor.