Class25th wizard
RaceTragaran (Lich)
Syndic of Internal Affairs1295 - 1392
Alignmentlawful neutral
BirthplaceParadomea City
Killed19 Kindle 1392

Nargontou Branda was the Council of Nine's Syndic of Internal Affairs from 1295 to 1392.

On 19 Kindle 1392, a band of bold and foolish rogues broke into the Palace of Nine. After stealing tomes and ancient scrolls from Nargontou's chambers they escaped into the palace's catacombs. Nargontou, notified by a magical alarm, pursued the thieves. He killed six of the seven robbers, dying in the fight with the last. Normally as a lich, his essence would have returned to his phylactery. In this case, it did not. An investigation into the matter determined that it was planned assassination, the robbers using a magical device that prevented Nargontou from reforming.

The six rogues that died in the catacombs were later raised as wights. Called Nargontou's Wardens, they are charged with keeping interlopers out of the palace's catacombs.

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