OwnerLeague of Gyalech
Deep Bred10%
Founded16 Bloom 1247 HE

Zerot was founded by a Dromite named Jaqad. He founded the place in a secure area, high up on the bluffs overlooking the Sea of Mourning. In this area, his pirate crews numbering close to 200 Dromites, founded a place where they would begin the process of creating more of their kind. Jaqad joined with another dromite of female characteristics, thereby establishing the Gyalech bloodline. Together, these two took on their most important responsibility, providing a year's worth of dromite eggs. These were then hatched in the settlement's hive core. The process was so fruitful, with more than the normal eggs maturing, that the Elected Consort Jaqad became a permanent position. He would live out the rest of his days in the crèches lining the city's innermost areas.

Zerot is located at the northern tip of Smickers Fjord. The deep harbor of this town and the narrow causeway leading to it make the place very defensible. Many cannon batteries and watch towers are along the high walls overlooking this causeway. Zerot is a filthy place, with trash littering the streets and floating along the docks. Its not uncommon to see a corpse or two floating in the harbor.

Zerot is headquarters of the Mezzorn Shipwrights. This ship building company, with beginnings at Mezzorn, invented the first Gyalech Speeders.

In the Second Epoch, problems with their neighbors, Paradomea, Ivory Asylum, the Council of Bile, and others, led to the formation of a defensive league. Zerot became the capital of this League of Gyalech.

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