Niratar Theocracy

CategoryFallen Empires
RegionAzrik, Phiyel
Vraga Moltus1015 - 1017
Gatiranda339 - 1015
DeitiesAthena, Arcana, Kebechet
EnemiesFirst Khazarkar Empire
Reign339 - 1017

The Niratar Theocracy was founded in the First Epoch by the leaders of the Gatiranda and Merorarg city-states. They created a nation led by the churches, with the high priests of Athena, Arcana, Kebechet holding the largest voting blocks. This type of government was voted by the masses, a people quite religious and generally against the mercantile leaders who had long reigned over them. Those behind this political campaign did well in convincing the mercantile lords that it was in their best financial interests to get in line, which they all did.

With the nation's formation in 339, its borders extended down the Moredhel Valley, from the Fihrgrell Cap to lake Moharr, and west to the Thrawkrall Bay. There were two main cities, Gatiranda and Merorarg. There closest trading partners were the Melephaeusans, an elven kingdom that itself had only been founded forty years earlier.

In the Great Minotaur Revolt (785 - 796), minotaurs fleeing the First Khazarkar Empire, poured into Niratar's lands. These minotaurs, now free and looking for a new home were ushered west of the Moredhel Valley and southward into Elphion and along the old seabed around the Ratanur Trap, areas of Niratar's frontier. Nearly two decades later, Niratar reaped what they sowed, losing Merorarg in the Pugad War (812 - 817), their oldest city becoming the minotaur capital of the Ba'lith Empire.

The effects of the Gulimbor Catacylsm reached Niratar lands in the Moredhel War. The valley remained largely unaffected by the cataclysm's wild magic storms, but everything east and west of it did not. The armies of the Khazarkar Empire stormed the valley from the east, pushing the Tragarans out of their capital city Gatiranda and then out of their valley. Niratar's people joined the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), most went north through Sorfandien and then to Sourm Gar. From this Cal-Thaoun city, they joined up with the other peoples fleeing lands wracked by magic and war. The Great Exodus suffered many losses at sea. One of the most damaging for Niratar was when nearly half of it's leadership, high priests of Athena, Arcana and Kebechet, were murdered in the waters and on the fog enshrouded shores of Masked Landing. This organized attack was a hit by twelve ships with holds full of sociopath assassins and loot hungry pirates, all paid for by Demogorgon's cultists. It was a revenge against the goddess Athena, for the trouble she inflicted upon Demogorgon's grand plans of conquest (Hells Womb region in the Demon Spawn War). For the rest that made it to the Lands of Purity, their new home, they lived in and around Vraga Moltus, Niratar's new capital. Niratar remained under a theocracy for two more years. In 1017, the public voted them out, electing the Farinteens and becoming the Farinteen Empire.