RegionHells Womb
OwnerCouncil of Bile
Built5 Kindle 1278

Aspungad is sited in the southern reaches of the Gelugon Range. It is an imposing citadel perched on a steep ridge called Stormwatch. Aspungad was named after a famous general of the Cal-Thaoun military.

This stronghold serves as the headquarters for the Wardens of Aspungad. The Wardens are served by several dozen blue dragons of varying ages. These dragons are bonded with their riders, by blood and magic, with all the dragon riders scions of dragon-descended families.

The keeps proximity to the Temporal Zephyr results in frequent storms with strong lightning and deluges. Numerous metallic rods are scattered about the battlements and towers of Aspungad. These rods are used as electricity collectors for massive capacitors hidden within the fortress. This electrical energy is used for both defensive measures, and by the mages to fabricate items with lightning properties (i.e. javelins of lightning) and also used in the creation of flesh golems.

Aspungad possesses an extensive library on electrical spells, golem creation, and other uses of electricity. In chambers beneath the fortress are ancient forges with anvils imbued with dragon magic. Some of these anvils date back to the time of the first Diiv Kiir family of Gulimbor, the Biles. Back then in the First Epoch, they were mainly used to make horseshoes. Today, these anvils still make horseshoes, normal and magical ones like horseshoes of speed, and other trappings for larger steeds like wyverns and dragons.

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