Horn Tusk Conflict

Period1023 - 1467
TheaterPearl Sea, Salzârrâk, Sea of Mourning
Ba'lith VS Ivory Asylum
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The Horn Tusk Conflict was brought on by Ba'lith's growing naval might. In 1015, Ba'lith began a secret program, sponsoring pirating and other mischief against their main rival, Ivory Asylum. These activities and Ba'lith's weak anti-pirating laws in the straits of Salzârrâk, were always a cause of conflict with their neighbors. Over the next seven years, Ba'lith's success led to a desire to control the sea lanes that comprise the southern part of the Triangle of Continents. This led to a more aggressive campaign of pirating and raiding against Ivory Asylum's colonies along the islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago and those on Ma'Ohari's western coasts. Ba'lith had her eyes on Ivory Asylum's Ma'Ohari holdings. The most important of these, founded in 1020, was Ivory Ward. It brought in rich resources from the surrounding hills and jungles beyond, but most importantly, had a deep sheltered harbor that made it a highly valuable as a navy base. In the conflict that was to start three years after its founding, Ivory Ward would change hands many times. Ba'lith was never able to keep her prize for long. Largely a pirate navy, they were usually at a disadvantage when facing the trained crews and guns of the Ora Tubruš.

In 1023, Ivory Asylum made it official, declaring war on th Ba'lith Empire. It would be an on and off war, one of reprisals on each others interests, and sometimes huge battles on the waters of what Ba'lith liked to call the Minotaur Inlet. Lasting more than four centuries, it was a period of open hostility where no ground armies would ever meet in battle.

During this conflict, Ivory Asylum made several attempts on Râpha-Nâr's unoccupied islands and atolls. Ivory Asylum's Tusken Council rightfully proclaimed they wanted a presence here, a military one to keep Ba'lith from planting her own flag. Reluctantly, the tritons of Aha'sase moved in. They seized control of Râpha-Nâr, proclaiming it a free trade zone under no national flag.

The Horn Tusk Conflict was not a full-scale war between two nations. There were long periods of inactivity on both sides. The conflict came to an end in 1467. Reasons were the heavy losses in shipping and damage to their economies, and the Sacking of Ivory Ward in 1465. The loss of this city to the Kingdom of Bloodtusk made them the more dangerous threat to Ivory Asylum's sphere of influence.

Main Theater of Conflict