Typehumanoid hybrid (Minotaur/Gorantin)
Created4 Witchrite 9155 GE
LanguageAbyssal, Nidurrâb

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) , Talisid and the Five Companions were assigned the task of taking back Sirketh from the grips of the demon lord Baphomet. In one of these battles, a group of Gorantin on the side of the Covenant and Minotaurs under Baphomet were caught in a demon spell that fused the two groups together. All thirty of the combatants, a new race, came over to the side of the Covenant. Somebody came up with the name Sig-Lorm as something temporary, but with all the happenings of a war spanning the Quara'tun System the topic was never revisited. These Sig-Lorm were taken to Achamâz, and under Ptah, they built the labyrinth Reconstruction. For the remainder of the war, they remained in this holy plateau, devising methods of rehabilitation of the wicked, studying the thought process of the Covenant's foes. Ptah ran another program for these Sig-Lorm, whereby those with the proper psychic potential, became students of the Path of Thought. By war's end, they had re-engineered the psyche of their entire population. It was like a religion to them, training and mastering the mind to do things beyond the limits of the physical body. Though not known widely, the Sig-Lorm population achieved this "remarkable feat" with the help of Ptah and his staff of psychic surgeons.

In the Angelic Departure (9494 GE - 9500 GE), Ptah left Bal-Kriav for the stars. Some Sig-Lorm returned to Sirketh, and others moved to distant lands far from civilization. In 16 LE, Sig-Lorm colonists out of Achamâz settled in the Manduggiss Trench.

In 1481, Squad X7E found the Sig-Lorm that disappeared into the Manduggiss Trench. Sanguine Whispers helped them escape the curse of this area, settling them in the ancient ruin of Hinnbjalf. The Sig-Lorm thrived here for two centuries, that brought to an end in the 1642 eruption of Mount Traeulf.

A foot shorter than the average minotaur, Sig-Lorm look like a cross-between a minotaur and an ape. They are fast movers in forests and jungles, moving through the trees at twice their land movement. Many consider them a psionic race; they have the potential but must train like any other.

Garormuk, a gnollish empire of the Northern Hordelands, is credited with the word Monkeytaur. It was what they called the Sig-Lorm that took over the valley east of Mount Traeulf. It is a word the Sig-Lorm do not like to hear.

Common Homelands