High Wood Country

Angrod dwellings

This region gets its name from its towering trees. Some of these mammoths hold high aloft, entire fey towns, or the nomadic retreats of the wood elves. The tree settlements are built among one or more trees, honeycombed out with druidic magic or pure skill. The latter are clans that work the vegetation with care, encouraging it to grow to meet their needs.

Since the reactivation of an ancient Lith-Crillion structure, the region's vegetation has grown considerably. On the edge of this activity are the Tendrils, vines, thickets, rapidly growing stuff, probing from the central mass into neighboring regions and even into the Underdark. This central mass is the Taurquion Forest, a sort-of greater forest of the many within it. This "invasive" forest, now spread across a vast area, began in the Lith-Crillion Era, shortly after the Pyramid of Nature was built. Across the region, there are generally two camps of thought, those believing it natural, and those believing the Angrod's are using it as a weapon, perhaps even a mad desire to see the land covered in forests. The dwarves of the Clans Region, west and south of High Wood, claim the elves are feeding the forest spirits and spreading the Taurquion in all lands for eventual domination of the entire landmass of Brucrumus.

Near the start of the First Epoch, the region became the home of elves fleeing an island that would soon become a holding of Demogorgon. This was the Turgon Exodus, bringing Kriavian Elves and wood elves to the region's eastern shores, peoples that would come to dominate large parts of the High Wood Country.

High Wood Country has numerous waterfalls, crystal grottos, and beautiful flowered meadows. In areas of the kriavian elves these are tended to and not left to nature like those under the care of the region's wood elves. High Wood is also home to innumerable fey, pixies, sprites, unicorns, treants, satyr, brownies, and many more. In the deep and ancient timbers at the region's heart is the fabled home of a mortal that Ascended to godhood - Aredhel. Her former abode is a holy place called Nelrenael.

The Underdark region beneath the High Wood Country is called Menortamon.

Region Maps
Cities of the High Woods
City 8FoundedElevation
Alatáriël330 HE350'
Antokepf846 HE3500'