High Wood Country

Angrod dwellings

This region is named for its towering trees, mammoths so tall and broad that some serve are roosts for fey towns, lairs of great raptors or the nomadic retreats of the region's many wood elves. The tree settlements are also inside the trees, chambers and passages honeycombed out with great care, using druidic magic or done over decades and centuries by pure skill. The latter work is the province of the land's oldest clans, elven botanists specialized at working with nature, encouraging the trees to grow in a certain way.

Near the start of the First Epoch, the region became home for elves fleeing Turgon, an isle being overrun by demons. This Turgon Exodus (13 - 25), brought Kriavfahliil and Wood Elves to High Wood's western shores.

In the Second Epoch, with the reactivation of an ancient Lith-Crillion structure called the Pyramid of Nature, the region's vegetation has grown considerably. On the edge of this activity are the Tendrils, vines, thickets, rapidly growing stuff, probing from the central mass into neighboring regions and even down into the dark reaches below. This central mass of all this is called the Taurquion Forest. Angrod's neighbors consider it an "invasive forest." There are generally two camps of thought, those believing it natural, and those believing the Angrod's are using it as a weapon, perhaps even a mad desire to see the land covered in forests. The dwarves of the Clans Region, west and south of High Wood, claim the elves are feeding the forest spirits, spreading the Taurquion in all direction, a domination of the entire landmass, the end result to turn the entire continent into an elven paradise.

In addition to elves, High Wood is home to innumerable fey - Pixie, Sprite, Unicorn, Centaur, Thorn, Treants, Satyr, Brownie, and many more.

In the northern tracts is the fabled home of the wood elf druidess Aredhel. Once a mortal, she Ascended in this land, making Nelrenael, her mortal abode, a holy site for those that now worship her.

The subterranean region directly beneath High Wood is called Menortamon.

Region Maps
Cities of the High Woods
City 8FoundedElevation
Alatáriël330 HE350'
Antokepf846 HE3500'