High Wood Country

Angrod dwellings

High Wood Country is a region on the western coasts of Brucrumus. Kriavian elves and wood elves came to dominate this region after the Turgon Exodus. Some of the groups that fled Turgon settled on the coasts, while others migrated into the interior.

This region gets its name from its towering trees and dense woodlands. The trees here are some of the largest on Brucrumus and this is no accident for the central part of the region is covered in a great forest that is being guided. It continues to rapidly expand with Tendrils probing out from the central mass into neighboring regions and even into the Underdark. This great forest is the Taurquion. It has been spreading outward since the Lith-Crillion Era when the High Pyramid of Power was erected in sector Taurelin. Many elves of the High Wood Country, including when Aredhel graced the land, claim that the Taurquion's unusual growth rate is natural, and not aided by magical or other forces as claimed by many. Those bordering these encroachments have a far different opinion on the matter, with them generally saying the High Pyramid of Power is being used to create an environment favorable for the region's wood elves.

Bordering the High Wood Country to the west is the land of the dwarves, a region called Clans. Many esteemed dwarves of the Clans claim the elves are feeding the forest spirits and spreading the forests in all lands for eventual domination of the entire landmass of Brucrumus. At the north edge are the hilly grasslands of the Great Expanse, east lies the jara plagued lands of the Tribe Steppes, and south are the Northern Hordelands.

High Wood Country has numerous waterfalls, crystal grottos, and beautiful flowered meadows. In areas of the kriavian elves these are tended to and not left to nature like areas under the watch of the region's wood elves. The region is home to pixies, unicorns, treants, satyr, brownies, and a concentration of other fey that equal what is found on the rest of the continent. In the deep and ancient timbers at the region's heart is the fabled home of a mortal that Ascended to godhood - Aredhel. Her former abode is a holy place called Nelrenael.

The Underdark region beneath the High Wood Country is called Menortamon.

Region Maps
Cities of the High Woods
City 8FoundedElevation
Alatáriël330 HE350'
Antokepf846 HE3500'