Vith Alok

wyrm mastery, tenet of the Vith Alok
Regionsee below
Kolmgar1822 - present
Nir-Madyin1322 - 1822
Racevaries by cell
Purposedragon worship, control, creation
Established16 Lunar 640 HE

Vith Alok is an ancient cult dedicated to dragons. How they have viewed dragons and used them has varied over time. In the early days, it was one of reverence to them as powerful and majestic creatures. Today, the cult is more interested in controlling them, creating dracoliches, and using them to carry out their nefarious activities.

Vith Alok was founded by a Kriistvrii named Krahbah (a Draconic word meaning Coldwrath). At the time, he was the leading authority on dragons and dragon magic in Zeymah'kein. He was once greatly respected as the founder, but over the ages he has become just a footnote in the history of the cult.

In its early days, the cult paid more homage to Bahamut than Tiamat. The intrigues of dragon-blood cult members from Galirkrad are said to have been the cause of the cult's change of course from good to bad. This corrupting influence started around 1315 HE and went on for almost a hundred years. Many Whitefang agents were rooted out and killed, but as time went on and Zeymah'kein suffered through conflicts with Mir'piamauza, these agents became harder to detect. They slowly perverted the Cult, each year taking another step down the road to evil.

In 1405 HE, hunted by Zeymah'kein's crusaders, the dragon cultists fled their homes. Hundreds of them were caught and found guilty of crimes against dragon-kind. Most died in cells or were burned to death. The cult split into two main groups, one headed east where they joined Whitefang, while others went west into the region Hells Womb.

In 431, the cult suffered division when some of its members opposed the practice of creating dracoliches. After heavy internal fighting, members pledging themselves to Bahamut splintered from the cult and established another dragon cult called Vodrerak.

Over the ensuing centuries the cult has risen and fallen in power. Much of their history is secretive and difficult to learn, with only bit and pieces in the realm's libraries. Their cell locations are usually in hostile regions near dragon concentrations, like the Aerie of Dragons, or in ancient redoubts built by the powers of the Dawn Era and the God Era.

In 1322, the lich Drog'paagol forcibly took over. He became the cult's 17th Dragon Headmaster. After taking charge, he unlocked some of the Cult's ancient and secretive vaults and dolled out ancient dragon spells to the Cult's dragons and its members. Spells like cold curtain, death door, contact archetype, and other dragon magic became more common to the realm's mages. Nextly, these secretive vaults and their lore were forbidden to be opened because previous dragon councils feared that it would give too much power to the dragons and weaken the Cult's control over them.

The goals of the cult have changed many times over the epochs. Today, the main goal of the cult is the creation of dracoliches and the use of dragons for fell purposes. The most notable wyrms to undergo this transformation have been Glagengrane, Slag, Flameghulead, Staticikana, Rubicon, and Torfillifus. Vith Alok is Draconic for Serpent Rise. Some reverse the words, for a more accurate description of the cult's desire to creature dragon liches.

Some Vith Alok cells, like the Sos Vrii and Whitefang, mix dragon blood with living subjects, experiments that led to the creation of the Ved'ogiim and the Diiv Kiir.

The cult's former headquarters was Nir-Madyin. In 1822, following the Battle of Fort Hellstorm, the High Command ordered Drog'paagol to vacate the place. The cult's current headquarters is Kolmgar.

The cult's overall leader is titled a Dragon Headmaster. This figure gathers intelligence and sends out directives to a cell by way of his regional leaders. These leaders, though not always loyal, have a common interest of increasing the organization's influence. Some of the known cells and their respective leaders are listed below:

Cells of Vith Alok
CellRegionLocationLeaderEstablishedJoined Cult of
the Dragon
Gosvah NahkropHigh Wood CountryLemur SpireOrthrill the Uncaring
Sos VithMa'Ohari Phar Zîn
Sos VriiGrashakhKhilgandNveryioth1755 HE655
Tîra-PhâthHells WombAthenas DaggersFiendbyss10571330
Vulon ViingNorthern HordelandsPhanacaAzalea
WhitefangAerie of DragonsNeben-SkerahFo Moriim1310 HE1215
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