AliasSmoldering Land

Gludragh is a region heated by magical energy seeping out of the Cube of Arcane. It is similar to Ice Cap's strange blue-ice, both lands tainted by the Cube's magical emanations. Over time, some of the region's rocks become infused with magical energy, making them smolder and burn like embers. These ever-burning rocks, unique to this region, are called Torches of Gludragh.

The Torches of Gludragh have what seems to be a permanency magic on them because none having ever burned out. They are also very hardy, beyond the skill of a novice to dispel their magic, and when subjected to something as powerful as Mordenkainen's Disjunction those that are de-magicked release a backlash of energy. Web Weavers say that the magical energy comes from the Web of Magic. During a Belras Foroderch Experiment, a Torch of Gludragh was destroyed for research purposes. It was de-magicked with a disjunction spell resulting in a tendril of energy that nearly killed the grand wizard of Belras Foroderch and drained nearly all of the attendees of some of their spell potential.

- Gwinon Mínor, from the Belras Foroderch Experiments - "Web Lashing"

Gludragh's surface is charred and smoking, keeping a high temperature that is unbearable to most in warmer months. The landscape also suffers from unnatural earthquakes and periodic gouts of lava from a volatile Underdark. This activity is attributed to the region's proximity to the Cube of Arcane and what is thought to be semi-sentient magic mimicking natural events. Belras Foroderch researchers say this phenomenon along with living spells and the region's high number of magical creatures point to something sentient guiding it all. They have put forth a theory on how the Cube gained sentience from a Cube Drop. They say a powerful being was dropped in during the Dawn Era and it survived, with it's psyche yearning for release.

The riches of the land include the aforementioned Gludragh along with gem deposits, some of which can be scooped right off the surface. These gems are often of the hard to very hard quality. The high heat, smoke and gases of the landscape are too much for most creatures without some sort of resistance to fire. The land gets a fair amount of precipitation, yet no water can be found on the surface and for miles beneath since it all evaporates in minutes or hours for a deluge. The heat of the region is also responsible for a the strong winds that blow south into Jolmgar and then into Morwuld Briin.

Gludragh is home to two Geniekind. Floating across the region in their cloud citadels are the Nitthirân. In the baked land below are the Efreet.

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