CategoryFallen Empires
RegionClans, Unaraggumak
DeitiesDanzar-Khâl, Kebechet
EnemiesKuladul, Rúmil
Reign92 - 1080

In the waning months of the dwarven kingdom Malad-Mîn, refugees made their way into the Underdark. At Thûr-Damazandal, they boarded ships for a distant land. From the subterranean reaches of Fjorvir, they followed the subsurface river Damazandal for nearly 2,500 miles. At Nûl-Bazân, they secured the Underdark area around them, then moved towards the surface. Now in Narbuzad, in a region that would come to be known as the Clans, they began rebuilding their surface empire. In the Mîn-Mazan valley they built their new capital, Phaluth. The people voted to have the royal bloodlines re-instated, leading to the formation of the Phlehorn kingdom on 6 Bloom 92.

As the centuries passed, the population of this kingdom increased and families of dwarves made their way into the interior of the country. These families joined with others, and in time themselves grew to great powers. The great distances and rugged landscape of the Clans made communication between these families and the Kingdom difficult, resulting in little contact if any as time passed. The danger of monsters, and bands of giants and humanoids in the region also prevented secure trade routes from being established.

Sevaral dwarven nations came into being from Phlehorn's settlers. They were established by clans seeking to start their own holding independent of their mother kingdom. The most long lasting of holds that became city-states and then nations are Grimmarsveinn, Hjalmarbrodd, Daklode and Fargimdal.

In 901, over 2,000 hardened criminals were exiled from the kingdom. As prisoners, they all dyed their beards red as a sign of unity against their oppressors. Their plight was becoming a problem for the king, so he teleported them to the ancient demon prison Hezvix. The King, owner of a demon artifact that whispered in his ear, told him that the prison was still active and that the prisoners would be well taken care of. This was a lie. The Bloodbeards found themselves in an eerie fortress, long since abandoned.

In 1080, Phlehorn's Iron Digger army was defeated at the Earth Shrine. The army retreated back to Phaluth carrying with them a gift from the plague god Rioch Tetrax, the Earth Skin Rot. This virulent disease ravaged Phlehorn's population, reducing it by 80% in under a year. The remaining population splintered, abandoned the plague ravaged lands of Mîn-Mazan, becoming refugees of the Clans younger dwarven kingdoms.

In the Clans region, Phlehorn is sometimes called the Mother of the Maziggandîm Kingdoms, with most of region's Turkûn its descendants.