Jofgror Odving

Jofgror Odving
Class30th wizard / 15th druid
RaceEldritch Giant Pyrmidian Ghoul (Solar)
TitleColonel, Eldritch Confessor
Born3 Bliss 1812 LE
Died14 Lunar 1285
Re-birth15 Lunar 1286

Jofgror Odving is an eldritch giant of the Thraedli bloodline. When he became an eldritch confessor he took on the time-honored task of seeking out Lith-Crillion and liberating them of their advanced knowledge and relics.

The Thradeldi were in awe of the advancements that the Lith-Crillion had and continued to make. In the beginning they worked for the Lith-Crillion in exchange for their knowledge. Most of this educational exchanged happened at Miradalêth. After a while, the Thradeldi grew greedy, turning from friendly exchange to taking what they wanted by force. A cult was formed to recruit and train soldiers who were devoted to the cause, or indoctrinated so, that it is their divine right to keep their people on par or better than the other races, especially those smaller and weaker (physically) than them.

The cult Rolning Har, and other smaller ones, find potential eldritch confessors from those in Thradeldi society with high intelligence and charisma, and if they possess high cunning then they are almost guaranteed selection. As an eldritch confessor, they go on missions to find Lith-Crillion technology. They were most active in the Lith-Crillion and Horgon eras. Today, they have to contend with much larger organizations in the realm, so they are much more cautious and don't normally march across other people's land in large war parties.

- Finrellin, of the Arquar - "Eldritch Confessors"

In 1906 LE, Jofgror went on a quest to find the Lith-Crillion. His journey took him out of Miradalêth, westward across Nautrek in three ships. They lost one ship in the vicinity of the Dead God Fountain. The remaining ships sailed down the western seaboard of Brucrumus to the bay Tarag-Khâlu. They spent a year on the coasts probing the area and interrogating any they could capture. The gleaned information led them to Hambrimoth. Jofgror and five other eldritch giants marched inland along with a goblin war party numbering 137. The process of gathering intel on the area was repeated at Hambrimoth. In these hills, a fortified camp was built. After six months, Jofgror had gathered enough information to assume that a Lith-Crillion structure, what some called "the heart of the forest" was hidden in a tangled forest that seemed to shield the structure and keep hidden. He also learned this elven-named Taurquion forest was much more vibrant, resilient, and stronger than the forests around them. On 11 War March 1909 LE, Jofgror left in search of the supposed Lith-Crillion structure. On this expedition he took most of his goblin army and all the eldritch giants. Three months later, Jofgror found the Pyramid of Nature. Once inside the structure, it trapped them inside - not even Jofgror's wizardly might could rescue him for all his transporter spells failed. They battled all manner of fey creatures in the place suffering close to 75% casualties. Jofgror finally decided to bend to the will of the Pyramid and where its guardians were herding them towards. Jofgror, two other eldritch giants, and 20 goblins become the first Pyrmidian Ghouls. Over the ages, they created more like them, capturing local peoples and turning them into Pyrmidian Ghouls, guardians of the Pyramids of Power.

In 1284, wood elves of the Valandil Léralondë rediscovered the Pyramid of Nature. On the urging of one of their more zealot-like druid members, they decided to go inside. They battled nearly 200 ghouls led by Jofgror Odving. Since becoming a Pyrmidian Ghoul, more than 4,000 years had passed. He had become a master arcanist and a powerful druid. Studies for the latter came as a disciple of Silvanus. During this time of following the Word of Silvanus he gave up his evil ways. The Valandil Léralondë lacked the power to overcome this ancient menace, so they revealed what they found to the Angrod government. Later with the backing of an Angrod army, Jofgror was taken down and the Pyramid of Nature added to Angrod's holdings.

Mortally killed, in the after-life Jofgror was selected for his power and just service, with Silvanus making him one of his solars.

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