Earth Elemental
GovernmentCouncil of Stone
Earth Elemental45%
Earth Archon20%
Tasked Genie10%
Alignmentschaotic neutral, neutral, chaotic evil
EnemiesAkthol-Tharag, Greenland Alliance
FounderSal'rurg Thad
Established21 Temporal 840

Beginning around 385, the Tinnanguth Empire found a way of enslaving Earthen. Once arcanists had summoned them, amulets were put in place turning the conjurer's binding magic from one of one of minutes and hours to years. Earthen in the thousands were put into beautifying the empire, building grand structures, and mining the hills, mountains, and deep into the Underdark.

In the Dao Insurrection, earth elementals under dao warlords, gained their freedom. After the Dao Insurrection, a battle for control raged between these warlords. This conflict, the Dao Civil War spanned the period 817 to 840 and embroiled self-proclaimed khans, hetmen, and atamen for absolute control. For 23 years, Earthen armies and their dao masters battled it out across lands once owned by their Tinnanguth masters.

"The Castrated One", said to have given up his manhood for the guidance of Geb, came to power in the Dao Insurrection. His real name was Sal'rurg, a charismatic leader with an army of huge earth archons to enforce his word. By force of arms and guile, he united the Earthen that had once toiled under Tinnanguth as one, forming the Rilirthad Empire; with him its first Dao Khan.

The current ruler of this despotic empire is Lherzolite-Tun IV. He maintains his power by voice of twenty dao senators, the Council of Stone. These senators are the governors of their respective principalities. The people of the Rilirthad are ruled by dao with titles of hetmen, atamen, and other lesser titles, and the highest station, the khan. They have several things in common, they are greedy, more intelligent than the other brutes of their people, and power-hungry. Intrique is rife in this chaotic empire. Rarely is anything ever agreed upon in the senate. In the eyes of such law-loving nations as Malacost, Council of Bile or even the Orchish Empire, the Council of Stone is a mockery of lawful principles.

Over half of the empire's population are slaves, making unrest a major internal and political issue. Nations like Malacost and Ivory Asylum, which abhor slavery, have no trade with them. Slaves of Rilirthad are even allowed to own slaves. Many of the empire's earth elementals are slaves. Most of these find their way into the empire after emerging from areas like the Earth Callers, Hejan Spires and the Togomud Sink.

Rilirthad gets its riches from mining. The empire's miner genies, a type of tasked genie, are always busy digging the hills, mountains, and into the Underdark seeking precious ores and gemstones for the empire's coffers. The richest mining area is around Togomud Sink. It is here that ores and gemstones spill into this world from the elemental ring world Granitoid.

Rilirthad is responsible for the spreading Brownlands and the Karnegmoth Cataclysm. The Greenland Alliance was formed to counter Rilirthad's terraforming. They also have no major allies, with nearly all major powers against the use of rifts to change landscape on such a grand scale.

In the Ivory Dao War, the empire's eastern advance was slowed. They took the Gul valley, but in the process lost the cities Lamprophyre and Skarn.

In 1703, Rilirthad went to war with Akthol-Tharag in the Eradication War.

The overriding goal of Rilirthad is to turn the region Karnegmoth into an extension of the world Granitoid.


The empire's great cities are dotted with gargantuan ziggurats. These are surrounded by great canals and tubes used to redirect the earth, rock and mud coming out of the Earth Callers and Togomud Sink. They have great meeting halls, dining areas and council chambers that seat thousands. Everything is built on a massive scale, with the efficiency and expertise of the Earthen workforce making the added effort small in cost. The governmental buildings are richly fashioned, with paintings, mosaics, jeweled furnishing, adamantine statues, and riches from afar, like Shounejo porcelain, and exotic furs from the frozen wastes of Ice Cap.

The streets of their cities are laid with many-colored marble. The lower streets are the home of the slaves and lower-class members of society. Above these streets, are the dwellings of the middle class. These nicer areas of the cities are reached by wide stairs and joined by intricately designed bronze bridges. These upper streets, 30' above the ground, give way to shops and dwellings of the more wealthy folk. A city of the Rilirthad will have a central ziggurat that is the abode of a dao ruler. Surrounding this massive edifice are numerous lesser ziggurats, which are the common areas of the city.