Brain Inspectors

TypeSecret Police (Tamlêrran)
Symbolexploding brain
Established5 Witchrite 1045

Brain Inspectors, an agency of the Tamlêrran Empire, serve as a secret police force. They are charged with rooting out skilled psionicists and monitoring the affairs of Tamlêrran's self-governing states. They are under oath to pass complete reports on to each of Zenduram's wizard-governors, such that the affairs of each state are monitored by all.

The Brain Inspectors were created after a powerful mercenary and his army of psionicists nearly took over the empire. With rules allowing anyone to become part of the Zendarum's ruling body, as long as they show high skill in spell-craft, a Lith-Crillion named Blac'drugulois took over one of Tamlêrran's states.

Early in the Second Epoch, a powerful psionicist tried to take over the Tamlêrran Empire. In the ensuing battles, our arcane magic was dampened, and sometimes nullified on the whim of the attackers. At the head of a small army of githzerai, the Zisi-Nul, was Blac'drugulois, future emperor of the Orchish Empire.

Tamlêrran, on the brink of falling under the authority of one who wanted to be an emperor, invoked a mighty Gate spell. They summoned forth an army of modrons, and only then had the power to defeat the psionic scourge. Today, Tamlêrran employs Brain Inspectors to root out any practitioners of the psionic arts.

- History of Tamlêrran

The members of this psionic killing guild are specialist in combating psionicists. They use drugs to enhance their mind defenses. One of these is highly addictive, but provides the user with a +2 bonus versus Will attacks.