Poseidon gets his revenge
Period1315 - 1317
TheaterHells Womb, Sea of Mourning
Limac-Nîr VS Paradomea

The Sea Devil War started when sahuagin of the deep watery chasms near Paradomea City were driven to a frenzied blood-lust after hearing the Drums of the Horgon. This sound was coming from an ancient undersea city of the Durkoth. The sahuagin, driven to near madness, and unrestrained blood-lust, attacked Paradomea City in vast numbers. Nearly the entire population of Limac-Nîr, males, females, and even children, assaulted the harbors and ships of Paradomea City.

After ravaging the coasts, and interrupting sea trade for two years, the Council of Nine decided to end the brazen onslaughts. The temerity of this sea devils led to the massacre of many of their people, as their attacks were disorganized and they cared little for the losses they suffered.

Harnessing the might of the nearby Pyramid of Power, and combining the powers of nine arch-mages, the Council of Nine, each drawing powerful energies from the Web of Magic, called down a great bolt of energy which struck the undersea city of Limac-Nîr. The shock wave from this blast shattered the organs of many of Limac-Nîr's population, the attacking sahuagin, and many other aquatic creatures for 20 miles in all directions. In an instant, nearly five thousand sahuagins were slain, and hundreds of Paradomea's warships and mercantile fleet were damaged with cracked hulls and either took on water or sunk beneath the waves. Shortly thereafter, an earthquake occurred beneath Limac-Nîr. Numerous fissures opened up, swallowing half of the city into a deep rift. After the devastating attack on Limac-Nîr, the Drums of the Horgon fell silent. This relic was either destroyed or lies buried under rubble in the dark depths of Ogmarë.

The Sea Devil War ended with the destruction of much of Limac-Nîr and the loss of most of its sahuagin population. A by-product of this earthquake was the creation of a great tidal wave. The tidal wave, 200 feet tall, slammed into Paradomea City, killing more than 150,000 creatures.

Theologians claim that the tidal wave was produced by Poseidon. It was done in revenge for the slaying of so many of his followers.

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