Rerkvorg, facing into the Gelugon Range
RegionLands of Purity

Rerkvorg, a place named by the Sulukhan storm giants, is in the far eastern tracts of the Lands of Purity. It is cut by the river Tinas. The Scabbard road cuts through the north-south axis of the valley, paralleling the river along the way.

Much of the valley's eastern flank is the Gelugon Range. On the opposite side of the valley are the walls of Narakthal. There are two cities in Rerkvorg, each at the far extremes of the valley. Both are holdings of the Council of Bile, the northern city is Symdar, and the southern is Port Bile.

Fifty miles south of Symdar and into Rerkvorg is an area with massive monuments. This area is Rerkvorg Tribute, a cemetery dotted with ornate monuments dedicated to legendary knights and personages of the Council of Bile. There are well over 100 of these monuments. They were initially erected in memory of knights that fell in the Rerkvorg Pacification Campaign. In the 1300s and into the early part of the 1400s, knights and their armies battled giants, goblins, Kenku, and other foes of the valley. Those that were not killed, were enslaved to help in the building of fortifications and settlements for the Council of Bile. Today, the kenku threat is gone, with them becoming civilized and absorbed into the Council of Bile. The goblins and giants are now more of a nuisance than a serious threat to the stability of the valley and its settlements.

Even with the semi-civilized state of the valley, it is recommended that travelers be accompanied by strong guards.

The valley is pacified, but the mountains still harbor many dangers and dead mines lead deep into the blackness of the Underdark. The bearded folk of Guthnimor continue to fail to keep their side pacified.

- Lak Zîra, field report from a kenku agent of the Malreeth

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