Caralda Affair

Period1337 - 1351

The Caralda Affair was a campaign by Malshirk'iss to instill hope, surreptitiously aid, and convince the firenewts of Caralda into rebellion. This intrigue at the national level proved successful with Goth-Dyvermoir abandoning all claim to the area in 1351. Goth-Dyvermoir had maintained their hold on this area for four centuries by way of an Underdark lava river called Surturs Eyebrow.

Hellbleaker, atop a mound of gold and fire opals in Orias Vual ordered capture of the distant smoker. The colonist-soldiers went into Tiyaphis by way of a honeycomb of mining shafts penetrating Verfaer. They then travelled Surturs Eyebrow to Zathess. Here they mined upwards for two decades until reaching Caralda and the shadow of Verfaer.

- Malaar 331, minion scribe of Hellbleaker - "His Majesty's Decrees"

After 1351, agents of Neld-Rac worked the firenewt population spreading not the word of their god, but that of Surtur's enemy Kossuth. The reasoning for doing this was to chip away at the power base of Surtur by causing him to loose followers and to spread a belief system more likely to take hold in the population. Neld-Rac's priests did not go about this business personally, they brought in priests of Kossuth from other lands, some even from far away continents like Gorejun.

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