Spire of Molakh-Búle Shiphis Helas

CategoryMarvels, Voidships
TypeHelas Vessel
AliasShiphis Helas
OwnerBlack Tide of Thasmudyan
Built28 Lunar 1809 DE

The Spire of Molakh-Búle is a Helas Vessel class voidship. When on Osâchar, this primordial structure was a palace for Molakh-Búle. In 537 HE, the Spire of Molakh-Búle left Osâchar and entered the Void.

Like other Helas Vessels, the Spire of Molakh-Búle has an otherworldly appearance with sharp and jagged features. The surface of the massive edifice is a deep black. The Spire has the same dimensions as other Helas Vessels. It is 2000' high, powered by the sentience of Shiphis Helas; a living sentient engine spawned in the Creation War by the primordial Beldileck.

In 862 HE, four Helas Vessels arrived over the world Bal-Kriav. The Shiphis Helas, later to become better known as the Spire of Molakh-Búle, set down on Gathrot Isle. From the Shiphis Helas's hibernation bays, emerged 10,000 Durkoth ("the masters"), 3,000 Hydrocur ("the security force") and nearly 20,000 Sussgurd ("the servants"). Over the next two centuries, Molakh-Búle's people spread across Necrocrypt and to Karnegmoth's coasts, lands of the Abâthigûr Empire.

In 410, a mortal Thasmudyan, explored areas of the Spire of Molakh-Búle. One of the tomes he took from this place was the Ebon Legion of Molakh-Búle. This thick rune-carved tome holds a spell that allows the caster to create or raise the Pitch Bone Legion.

In the later part of the Horgon Era, the Spire of Molakh-Búle was buried by a massive landslide. It lay unreachable and mostly forgotten for more than a thousand years. In the First Epoch another landslide revealed an entry point into the upper level of the structure. In 1018, a kriavian elf named Caliguworm re-discovered the Spire's entrance. The knowledge contained in this place ended up making him a master of necromancy. His undead plague spells are said to have been so powerful that they raised hundreds of dead at once. These undead, were also not just zombies and skeletons, but contained some specialized undead that could cast spells, and other more fouler ones like ghouls and ghasts.

These specialized undead are what today is known as spellstiched. It is widely believed that Molakh-Búle was responsible for creating these fortified undead and imbuing them with the ability to cast an array of arcane spells.

The Spire of Molakh-Búle is sited beneath the ancient ruin Mulun'nâth.

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