Businessespionage, assassinations, extortion, control, dissension, alchemy
Hells Womb1016 - 1115
Gulimbor924 - 1016
Zayr1016 - 1115
Sourm-Gar924 - 1016
DeitiesBaphomet, Neld-Rac
Symbolsix connected rings
Established6 Bliss 924
Disbanded7 Hollow 1115

Bralda-Balc was established late in the reign of the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty. Bralda-Balc was a large organization with six branches. They conducted spying, assassinations, extortion, control, dissension, and alchemy.

During the Domination Wars (995 - 1016), it has been rumored that Bralda-Balc acted as spies for the First Khazarkar Empire. In the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), they followed Cal-Thaoun's people far north to Hells Womb. Luckily for them, and it said they may have played a part, the Cal-Thaoun family was lost at sea. The new rulers, the Kal-Oni, decided they needed all the help they could get in rebuilding civilization, so the matter was never seriously looked into.

With the rise of Kal-Oni (1016 - 1266), Bralda-Balc grew in power. The criminal enterprise spread its tendrils into government and business. They instigated conflicts, enriching themselves on others misery and strife. They had a number of divisions. One was backing expeditions into what was then a rather wild land. Bralda-Balc sent numerous adventuring parties out into the wilderness to uncover relics of fallen civilizations beyond Kal-Oni's borders.

In 1026, a group of lore seekers found books giving insight into the early doings of Neld-Rac and his grisly experiments in the Spire of Neld-Rac. These journals, seemingly intellectual, are religious scriptures responsible for the Neld-Rac Revival, a time when the worship of Neld-Rac spread like wildfire through the Kal-Oni heartland. A faction of the guild focused on making money off the church, another took it more serious, giving up their past purpose in life, becoming preachers who's highest authority was their god Neld-Rac. After this time, the guild began to splinter with groups focusing on a particular interest or ideal. These splinter groups were sometimes allies, and sometimes enemies of Bralda-Balc.

By 1115, the guild had been much reduced in size. The remaining members of the guild were all summoned to the Spire of Neld-Rac for the guild's annual gathering. At this meeting, the leaders of Bralda-Balc revealed themselves as vampires. They had all been corrupted from delving into an ancient dark art that turns one into a Soul Eater. They closed up the Spire, slaughtering 84 guild members, turning them into vampire spawns. These vampire guild leaders, now vampire lords, are known as the Sil Vaarnufaaz.

Splinter Groups
NameFocusSplinter Date
Anatomical Academyalchemy, anatomy, creation1033
Savagorchaos, lycanthropy, wild magic1056
Carnâthatorture, pain??
Shadow Sectassassinations, espionage1029
Tîra-Phâthdragons, ancient lore1057