Balor Prince War

TheaterHells Womb
Dvr'jiss Jagg VS
In 1332, Dvr'jiss's intelligence network learned that the elves of CelebriƤn and the dwarves of Strumpktar had joined forces and were preparing to march against him. This was a shock because up until that time, he had been playing their racial hatreds. Dvr'jiss did not like his odds, so he took his army east, breaking through dwarven lands and suffering attack all along a brutal march that took a week. They arrived on the edge of the Raefknar rift and retreated into it. The decision to go down wiped out 20% of the army. This was because the hill giant contingent were unable to walk the narrow paths leading into the rift. They battled to the last against a storm of elven arrows and dwarven war axes. The dwarves and elves did not follow them into the rift. They were violating territorial agreements between Strumpktar and Alreirsoar by being in the area. Alreirsoar gave them to the next morning to leave or suffer hostilities. The elves and dwarves left the area, failing the main objective of the Balor Prince War, which was taking down the balor and self-proclaimed prince Dvr'jiss.