RegionElrohir Mithrandír
Founded21 Temporal 1004

Orthrump is the capital city of the Altocumuli empire. It is perched on a two-mile high cliff of the Bullvar Ika mountains. This lofty cliff, the Miscreant Toss, is sometimes used to execute criminals and prisoners of war. At the heart of this giant-sized city is the beautifully crafted palace Skurnskalf.

Like all cities of the Altocumuli, Orthrump is a majestic and richly crafted place. Marble is used in all buildings, coming form mines in Bullvar Ika and as far away as the Issk hills. The city's architecture includes ornately carved roofs, spires, and domes. The overall architecture is superb with all of it done by stone and cloud giant craftsmen. The streets are lined with master sculpted statues and the intersections centered by great fountains of quartz and malachite basins.

It is common to see rocs soaring above the city. These are ridden by giants of the city guard or by giant nobles.

Notable Areas