Tomb Sentinel
RegionAerie of Dragons
Hill Giant15%
FounderChieftain Oathundor
Established12 War March 1472
MapHiznaar Goz

Oathundor is an empire ruled by hill giants with a strong presence of Piamauza and dragonborn serving in the government. The hill giants are viewed by other nations as the muscle, while the thinking is done by the Piamauza and the dragonborn. The rise of this nation came from the economic growth and power of Irthorn. Faced with the growing might of neighboring civilizations, the numerous hill giant, ogre, and goblin tribes of southeastern Aerie of Dragons united as a federation in the Year 1467. Not long after the formation of this federation, power-hungry hill giant chieftains jockey for leadership in this federation, resulting in the War of Gorahrigir. The end of the war resulted in one supreme leader - Oathundor. On 12 War March 1472, Oathundor established a kingdom under his name. Hill giant chieftains of the former federation established fiefdoms in this kingdom, pledging allegiance to the empire's first king.

The Smoking Feast Halls of the giants are massive airy places. They are also filthy, dirty, and smoky. Rats and other vermin wander freely through the castles and cities of this empire.

The population acquires most of their sustenance from the sea. The people use many and varying sized ships. The most notable are great fishing ships called Grimsuvelth Trawlers.

The hill giants of this empire bury their kings in colossal barrows. These Tomb Barrows are 500' diameter, having multiple tiers above and below the surface. Creatures entering these tombs must traverse eight circular passages before reaching the burial chamber. The passages have a length of several miles and are warded with pits, dead-falls, magical traps, and deadly beasts.

Oathundor is frequently beset with raiders from the land and the sea. They pay the Ag Envok an annual sum to respect borders and to keep the raiding limited to brigands and non-governmental troops. The giants of Oathundor are frequently hired by the draconic empires of the Aerie of Dragons for constructing massive fortifications and citadels suited for use by dragons and other massive beasts.

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