War of Nárfaltuin

Theater of Operations
Period1048 - 1130
Orchish Empire VS Lorthrindal Monarchy

In 1047, Blac'drugulois, master by conquest, leader of the Arduous March (1041 - 1096) pushed into lands loosely claimed by Nárfaltuin's fey.

The building of Gúluzgash resulted in dangerous pranks by the forest's pixie. Clear-cutting, "reducing their enemy's hiding places", led to hostile actions in 1048. Blac'drugulois's orc legions battled the wood elves of Lorthrindal, centaur, pixie, and an array of other fey types.

Times of outright war and periods of inaction, the War of Nárfaltuin lasted nearly a century. It was the beginning of the end for the Lorthrindal. While the war went on, Blac'drugulois's Orchish Empire expanded northwards.

In 1060, the ancient elven city of Elalmoth was sacked. Wood elves, all with bloodlines to Galadriël, continued the fight in the woods. For two decades they battled a superior enemy with guerrilla tactics, harrying their northward territory grab, and making raids against a string of outposts and forts from Gúluzgash to Othragmac.

By 1081, Nárfaltuin was largely under the Fograth, now the name of the Orchish Empire's military. The refugees fled southeast into the Maar'tolaak Forest then to the protection of their capital city Estandarenya. Blac'drugulois, refusing peace overtures, took the war across the Glumgard and into the home lands of Lorthrindal.

In 1130, Estandarenya fell to the Orchish Empire, ending Lorthrindal's reign.