War of Nárfaltuin

Period1048 - 1130
Orchish Empire VS Lorthrindal

In 1048, Blac'drugulois and the Githirmil of the Arduous March began pushing the territorial claims of Gúluzgash into Nárfaltuin. In these deep woodlands the orcs began fighting with the wood elves of Lorthrindal. The adversaries became entangled in a war that would last nearly a century. The War of Nárfaltuin would be the beginning of the end for the Lorthrindal. During the fighting, advance parties of orcs and other humanoids continued to march north into Grashakh and build outposts and settlements.

In 1060, the army of Blac'drugulois sacked Elalmoth. Over the next two decades the wood elves were driven out of Nárfaltuin. The elves fled east to Rinsnick and their capital city Estandarenya. Blac'drugulois refused peace overtures, taking the war across the Glumgard and into the home lands of Lorthrindal. In 1130, Estandarenya fell to the Orchish Empire, ending the reign of Lorthrindal.