Typegnoll subtype
Creation6 Bloom 1126

In the Mughorz valley is the city Kennel. A demon named Yack-Leban rules this city. In 1126, using abyssal energy to corrupt the very essence of some of his gnoll subjects, Yack-Leban created the Mughorzan. His creations are what he considers, and many others have confirmed, an advancement upon the gnoll species. They are less feral-looking than gnolls, yet stronger, and have a higher intellect, yet are cunningly dangerous. When they find themselves with other gnolls, they usually end up being leaders or are chased away as a potential threat to the tribe's current leadership. In areas of stronger laws, where competition is more openly accepted, they often thrive.

Mughorzan are inclined to brutality and dirty methods at achieving their goals. Socioogists say the way they came about, their young history as compared to all those around them, is to blame for their mean ways.

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