Black Cluster

CategoryMage Guilds
RegionAerie of Dragons
HeadquartersGaard Goraag
SymbolCross of Thasmudyan
Established12 Saunas 1006

The Black Cluster were the first group of Thasmudyan proselytizers. They went into the Aerie of Dragons, spreading the word of their newly minted god. At Gaard Goraag, they built shrine and temples, but failed were slow in spreading their master's faith. Ag Envok was largely to blame for this. In exchange for their continued presence in Gaard Goraag, they tasked the cultists with destabilizing the Kingdom of Khamagurbun. Thasmudyan reluctantly approved of this. He saw the potential in this indirect approach of spreading his influence. His mages would create undead with their spells and then send them into the lands of Ag Envok's foes, or bolster their armies. The fear of undead armies, and the power to be gained from being part of the Black Cluster, became the new way of spreading the will of Thasmudyan.

The group specializes in necromancy and frequently send members to Necrocrypt to pore over the ancient tomes stored in the dark libraries of MularĂ»n and PhanĂȘthil.

In 1560, the Black Cluster became a cell of Ilfengrim. This process did not go peacefully, many civilians perished and became undead in the streets of Gaard Goraag. The Black Cluster is very secretive and any enemies of the guild usually end up as undead servants.