RegionHells Womb
BuiltYear 1250

The Cult of Worms built this undead spawning bastion in the Year 1250. This place was the first bastion dedicated to spreading the influence of Thasmudyan. Birungrith is sited in the depths of Othrangad. It was once used as the headquarters of Black Banner.

Birungrith is built into the cliff walls of Othrangad. It is made of Hlothram obsidian and blackened lava stone and bonebrack taken from Garâtha. The garrison consists of powerful undead, evil mercenaries, and cultists.

Birungrith has a vast library with tomes on necromancy and the dark arts. When the Black Tide was driven from Hells Womb (in the Artery War), this place was left untouched by war.

Recall the troops from Othrangad. It seems that the First Dead Council has made a deal with the Council of Nine. Birungrith, an unholy edifice dedicated to Thasmudyan should burn like Ugidreth, but perhaps by sparing this place we can establish peace.

- Colonel Ghastun, halfling of Bathor, field commander of the Treza-Râth, "Sparing Birungrith"

Today, Birungrith is shared by a cell to the Cult of Worms and is the headquarters for Ilfengrim.

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