Scorn Statues
OwnerIvory Asylum (Ethâr)
Built2 Temporal 1311

Skarn began as a mobile fortress powered by the same type of engine used in Ebethords Crawler. The group behind Skarn's construction were a dark lot, willing to use their own kind to power a great war machine. Many Rilirthadians saw this sect as worse than the Sussgurd; who as Drachmon once put it, "at least had the decency to enslave others instead of their own people."

In 1315, out on maneuvers, control of this mobile fortress was lost. The earth elementals powering the device, took over, walking the war engine far from Rilirthad lands. Near the Spinnaker river, Skarn's commander breached the seal containing the device's trapped elementals. Unlike what happened with Ebethords Crawler, Skarn was enchanted with precautions for such an event; instead of releasing the trapped, it killed them. This brought an end to the device as a mobile fortress. It settled down in a muddy area, sinking a few feet before hitting bedrock. Even though it was now far from their home, cut-off from supplies, Skarn was not abandoned. It grew rapidly in the decades after, its presence an ominous threat to the people of Agibandal and Tigošal.

By the start of the Ivory Dao War, Skarn had grown into a heavily fortified town of nearly 20,000 Rilirthadians. Its distance from Rilirthad's core holding made it an easy target. In 1427, it was captured by Ivory Asylum. Since the Ethâr did most of the fighting, and being close to Tigošal, they were awarded control of the city.

The city'S architecture resembles other Rilirthad's holds. The only thing that the new owners have added are great statues of elephants atop the largest of the city's ziggurats. Named the Scorn Statues, they were raised as an insult to the previous owners.

Under Elderaunt control, Skarn has become a place for learning about fungi, herbs, and plants. The prestigious learning center Irastâmâz is located in this city. The city is also renown for its expert glass blowers. The richer buildings of the city are adorned with some of the finest glass windows in the known world. Many of Irastâmâz botanical gardens have roofs made of elemental hardened glass.

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