Hareldocáno, after the Chaos War
CategoryRuins (Chaos Ruin)
Founded7 Temporal 1106

In the Year 1829, the Cinazan Front brought ruin to this Ithengee city. The Neeth-Theen sacked the city and devastated the surrounding country-side. The passing of the Horde of Chaos warped the city and the landscape around it. Shortly thereafter, buildings and walls crumbled as raw chaos warped everything it touched. Today, this chaos ruin is the abode of aberrations, fell taints and other strange creatures not native to Bal-Kriav.

At its height, the intricately built city had a population of 35,000. Today, the place is inhabited by ghosts and spirits of the elves and other creatures that perished in the Siege of Hareldocáno.

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