FoundedYear 855

Thalbiruzdu was founded by the Mîmêk of Muzan-Zirum. They came to this area after some of their explorers found rich silver veins and deep rocks. The deep rocks were used to enhance their psionic powers and open up those with psionic potential.

Thalbiruzdu became a city-state with its nearest neighbor being Undercity. In 1321, Undercity's mines begin to encroach upon Thalbiruzdu's territory. As a result, they took up arms against the forces of Paradomea.

In 1460, Thalbiruzdu was defeated by an army led by Lasestrov. Its people were absorbed into the population of Paradomea.

Thalbiruzdu is 400' below Undercity, and 1600' feet below Paradomea City. The city limits of Undercity have increased far beyond this city, going another 40 levels beneath it.