Godheads Revenge

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Godheads Revenge is the flagship of the Armada of the Damned. The creature that controls this ship has absolute control over the 30 ships that make-up the Armada of the Damned.

Godheads Revenge is the only ship of the Armada of the Damned that can be safely boarded by the living; the rest have necrotic fields that are life draining.

Adventure Ancedote - Black Banner

The following is a excerpt from a ships log penned by Jairall. When this was written, he was leading a group of adventurers called Black Banner. It explains the sighting of the Tintibulus Chute. They would enter this rift, journeying onward to Bana-Zîr to meet an exiled Syndic of the Council of Nine. At this place was docked the legendary death ship Godheads Revenge.

Aboard the ship Skyreaver, Jairall provided insight on Black Banner's journey into the Tintibulus Chute.

yugoloth of Acheron

We left a raging storm and then entered another, the sky was dark, flotsam was everywhere, the remnants of some recent sea battle. Waves of despair and hopelessness passed through our fearsome band. I had to calm some of the weak in the party. Even the knight Lazarus required brave words on my part to keep him from leaping overboard.

We felt primal energies, hatred, and the emotions of thousands of creatures in a titanic struggle. Wise in the matters beyond our world, Katrana said we were feeling the Blood War, an endless struggle between the demons and the devils.

Lightning and thunder rocked the vessel, the sails flap and the riggings creak under the gales. An occasional moan, laughter, or anguish is heard over all of this.

The storm suddenly breaks. In the distance we saw a strange keep atop a small isle of jagged and tumbled rock. We closed on the foreboding keep. The discolored waters of the sea crashed upon its rocks, spraying dead fish and other debris on the shores. This keep was our destination, Bana-Zîr, a place built of enormous interlocking bones. The keep had glowing green braziers burning brightly about its surface that seem to waver like ghosts. A 30' tall basalt statue of a monstrous yugoloth was at the tip of the isle.

We heard a terrible baying from within the foul fortress, a sound unnerving even to me.

- Jairall, from a Skyreaver ship journal - "Into the Tintibulus Chute"

In 1457, Godheads Revenge was taken from Bana-Zîr by Black Banner. This flagship and her Armada of the Damned went on to wreck havoc in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). In the Battle of Bloodtusk Bay, Godheads Revenge and her Armada of the Damned were sent to the bottom of Bloodtusk Bay.

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