RegionLands of Purity
Founded19 Kindle 1205

Long ago the area where Elgatâz now sits, was a summer camp used by Tungesti hunters and trappers. The Tungesti were driven from the area by Tragaran trappers that arrived with the Great Exodus (998 - 1017). By the Year 1205, the former trapper camp had grown into a permanent settlement. As the Tragarns came into contact with aggressive states like the Orchish Empire, Elgatâz became the first lines of defense against incursions coming down Khilag-Tarkin.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), the looming threat of invasion by Black Tide's undead legions, forced the Farinteen Empire to take the place rather than see it go neutral like what happened at Muzratân. Two years later in 1484, Elgatâz fell to the Black Tide.

Elgatâz is sited on the northeastern coasts of Galathien. The city sprawls on the edge of a series of massive waterfalls. The river Anassúmë feeds the waterfalls and at one time ate away at the foundations of the city. The erosion has been stopped thanks to the application of permanent magic.

Much of the trade and new fashions from Hells Womb come by way of this city and then spread west to the Divine Empire and Malacost. Elgatâz is renown for its leather working. The city's trade mostly makes its way by way to places like Helmstar, Symdar, and Maharâg.

Elgatâz is a cosmopolitan city said to have at least one of every race, Tragarans, Theegans, Turkûn, Nermaneans, dozens of others along with many half breeds. This latter group are mostly half-elves and half-orcs that come here to escape being stigmatized in parts of Hells Womb and in the "holier than thou" holds of the Lands of Purity. As result of this diversity, and serious damage to the city from the Black Tide War and the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), Elgatâz took 12 years before it was admitted as a state of the Country of Malacost.

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