Eldritch Conclave Conclave

Conclave Archmage
CategoryMage Guilds
DeitiesArcana, others
Symbolball of energy
FounderSakazrân Garbanâth
Established16 Kindle 980

The Eldritch Conclave, or Conclave, was formed as a school for studying the arcane arts. It was formed in the city of Chal-Kazod.

In 985, a female Khazarkar named Adîlkhâru found a way into the Pyramid of Conflict. She made off with several ancient tomes written by the Lith-Crillion. Among these was one called Izrukîn Sa Thir, a book about the Web of Magic. By way of this one book, the Eldritch Conclave established a school for teaching the art of Web Weaving.

Sakazrân, the school's founder, and Adîlkhâru were both from families of the Minâth-Nôrî. Their two families had too little clout to become rulers of the First Khazarkar Empire. They and other members of the Conclave decided that monarchical rule was more about blood than might. The Eldritch Conclave was about might, and they agreed that as web weavers, they had the collective might to rule the empire and bend other peoples to their will.

In 993, they brought down the monarchy of the First Khazarkar Empire, replacing it with a magocracy. In the Domination Wars, their reckless use of magic caused the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203). This event destroyed their homelands of Gulimbor and led to the Great Exodus (998 - 1017).

In 1002, Eldritch Conclave spies learn of an alliance between the priestly sects of the First Khazarkar Empire. The Church of Set and the Church of Kebechet are determined to embark on a religious crusade to overthrow the tyranny of the magocracy government, and replace it with a theocracy. To preempt this union, the Eldritch Conclave sent an army of golems and elementals into Akann'ndâb. They reduced Miruk-Nalbêth to rubble. To make an example to any other rebellious factions in the empire, they slaughtered all the inhabitants of the city and burned the land for twenty miles in every direction. Grave dirt golems were then planted in the ruins to deter anyone from coming back and inhabiting the place.

In 1027, following their defeat in the Eldritch Civil War, the Eldritch Conclave were forbidden from living within the lands of the Khazarkar Empire. Most of these rebels ended up going to Steirgar and then down to the fiery mystical shores of Arnergal. Here they took refuge in a ruined Mîmêk city beneath the mountains. With elementals and slaves, they rebuilt this place and renamed it to Malardân. It has been the organization's headquarters ever since.

After the fall of Gilraen in 1421, the Conclave saw increased membership. This came from Gilraen resistance fighters with a hatred for the Khazarkar Empire.

In 1831, the Eldritch Conclave secretly joined forces with the Flux Pact. They joined a large war called the Cinazan Front. They were also responsible for supplying entropy fragments to the Neeth-Theen. It is widely believed that the Eldritch Conclave joined the conflict in the hopes of bringing down the Pharzîmrâth and once again becoming masters of the Khazarkar Empire. During the Cinazan Front, the Conclave sent numerous agents out into the field. They were tasked with hunting down the Maul Seekers. The Maul Seekers were groups of adventurers searching for items that would destroy the Entropy Arch at Sapthiladân. When the Conclave found these Seekers, they would attempt to interrogate them and then kill them.

Membership in this organization, either as a guild member, or just to learn more of the arcane arts, is for life. Anyone attempting to divulge secrets of the guild or attempting to leave will be hunted down and killed or returned for imprisonment. The ultimate goal of the Eldritch Conclave is the return of the magocracy government in the Khazarkar Empire.

Notable Personages
Adîlkhâru found Lith-Crillion tomes about the Web of Magic
IzrapthânCodex of Tongues
NirmirAslauthroa Plot
Râlêinstigated the Nalbirag Gold War
Sakazrânschool founder, no longer affiliated
TânôzarChronicle of the Conclave War
ValaminwëAslauthroa Plot
Ziist’maarthough not a member of the Conclave, this dragon has worked for them as a hired killer