Built9 Temporal 1433

Yanâth-Târuk is the headquarters of the Eldritch Conclave. It is sited at the heart of the subterranean city Malardân. This prismatic colored fortress exists on Bal-Kriav and ten other worlds. Each of these other worlds are in systems faraway from the Quara'tun system.

The central structure has ten sides and floats two hundred feet above the streets of Malardan. From each side of the central structure is a sixty foot square tower that rises another sixty feet and then seems to cut through the air and disappear. Where it cuts through the air, it reappears on another world. On the adjacent world, it is a maze-like fortress of varying proportions. These places are usually composed of matter and energy from the other side. They are heavily fortified, laden with magical traps, and guarded by very powerful golems and other soldiers of the Eldritch Conclave.

One of the more notable things in this stronghold is the Târbal Vault. This is a living vault holding the tome Izrukîn Sa Thir.

Notable Areas