Bakers Dozen

TypeGuild Masters
Established12 Witchrite 1480

Bakers Dozen started as a group of 11 rogues serving the armies of Galadriƫl and then later other allied forces combating the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. As their operations expanded, they recruited more people for infiltration, sabotage, spying, and the occasional thievery when gold was needed. They became renown for their ability to gather intelligence on enemy movements and set-up assassination for other groups. As part of their modus operand, they tended to avoid contracts involving murder or those that could bring harm on the innocent.

The name Bakers Dozen was what they jokingly referred to their 11 original members. This name stuck with them, and they adopted as their own. The units headed by the Bakers Dozen were collectively called the Aldassinen.

The original members of the group were all wood elves from Hanthaerion. In the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), the Black Tide was driven out of the Lands of Purity. After the war, the Bakers Dozen were underemployed, so they turned their operatives and information gathering units to activities befitting a thieves guild. Like in the Black Tide War and the Athenian Crusade, these units - now more like guilds, are spread across a wide area of the Lands of Purity. They operate in nearly all cities of this region. Each guild is headed by one of the Bakers Dozen. The guilds are somewhat independent, answering only to the Bakers Dozen as a whole when a major problem arises or conflict of interest requires debate.

To become one of the Bakers Dozen, a thief must rise up through the ranks, take oaths of loyalty first to the Bakers Dozen and then to Aldassinen. They must also become a Shade and go through a series of tough tests, though not deadly, will determine if they can be admitted as one of the Bakers Dozen.